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I think that's the 'other left' (or right) side of the least it is here. 

Top menu bar of OGR webpage, far right, mouse over your picture, select 'Personal Settings' about half way down the menu. Time zone is the first setting in the resulting list.

Well now that I have found it, nothing seems to be selectable there and I don't see a way to change it? MAybe check your windows 10 settings?

It's your Windows 10 time zone setting on your PC, I just checked and reset mine and it gave me the time zone error. The personal settings menu now has an option to set the time zone, just below the actual setting.

Windows settings, Time & Language, Time zone toward the bottom of page. Also I have 'Set Time Zone automatically' turned off. Not sure it matters, but I have a desktop PC, it's not traveling anywhere and I don't like Windows changing things on me w/o notice. 

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I think I have the time zone fixed I set my time zone when I setup windows 10 for my time zone somehow it changed to pacific time zone. Ironically we have a clock radio and I set it up for our time zone and not to change for daylight savings time does no good it still advances and recedes when daylights savings starts n stops and I have to re-adjust it woke up one morning said 4am got up nope it was 3 am went back to bed lol thanks for the help and how to on this

StPaul posted:

"Ironically we have a clock radio and I set it up for our time zone and not to change for daylight savings time does no good it still advances and recedes when daylights savings starts n stops and I have to re-adjust it woke up one morning said 4am got up nope it was 3 am went back to bed lol"

Interesting, our car has that feature and though it is turned on the darn thing never changes!

Glad you got it fixed. You might try turning off the 'Set Time Zone automatically' setting in Windows if you haven't already. I think Windows sometimes has a mind of it's own regardless of what the user wants it to do. The 'Windows Updates' sometimes produce strange things as well. 

After returning here today I thought for a moment my time settings were messed up again, as in when I tested this yesterday...then I realized it was only the thread title. I do like that feature, but it threw me for a second here. 

rtr12 posted:

...The 'Windows Updates' sometimes produce strange things as well...


I have two Windows computers that I use for business. One is for OGR and one for my personal LLC. They both run Windows 7 Professional.  And they have NEVER - EVER - been "updated" with a so-called Windows Update. And they both run just the same today as when I bought them about 6 years ago. I learned about the Microsoft "update game" a long time ago and I chose not to play.

I am absolutely convinced that all Windows "updates" are no more than planned obsolescence to get your machine to gradually slow down to the point where you think the only way to fix it is to "upgrade" to the next version of Windoze, which now happens to be the absolutely HORRIBLE Windows 10. I have Win 10 on a laptop I use for incidental stuff and I find it a very unpleasant user experience. Significantly you cannot shut off updates in Win 10. Hmmm...I wonder why?

No thanks.

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UAmeenTrainGuy posted:

There are plenty of ways to shut of Windows 10 updates, you just need to know what you're doing. Microsoft hides it for a reason, they only want knowledgable developers disabling it. Updates are supposed to keep your system in check so that bugs and exploits cannot be used to hack you.

I know what I’m doing, thank you. And yes, Someone at the developer level might be able to shut off Windoze 10 updates. But even an above-average user cannot do it. It takes several registry edits and some other deep stuff to do it. Believe me, I have researched it, and decided for the little bit I use the laptop, it’s not worth the hassle. I only use it in the motor home when we travel, to access the machines in the office at home.

If you want to buy the hack scare tactic, that’s fine. I’m sure Microsoft will be happy to take your money when Windoze 11 comes out. By then, Windoze 10 will have become unusable because of all the “updates” Microsoft installed for you. I have NEVER updated my Windoze 7 machines and I’ve never been hacked, phished, gotten a virus or otherwise bothered with anything I didn’t want. You just have to know how to take the proper steps to protect yourself. VPN’s, hardware firewalls, proper router setup and security and careful browsing have kept me hack-free for many years...without any so-called “updates.”

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I also miss Windows 7, IMO it is the best version I have used so far. I finally upgraded to 10 a year or so after it came out. I didn't really want to upgrade, but it was free and I sure didn't want to have pay for 10 on 3 machines. They were threatening to end the free upgrades when I bit the bullet. May have been scare tactics there to, but it worked on me.  

Actually, I haven't had major issues with Windows 10, and this installation has been in place since the release in the Summer of 2015.  FWIW, I don't go to extreme lengths to avoid being hacked, but I take what I believe are sensible precautions, including firewalls, a decent AV scanner, and an anti-malware scanner.  My router is indeed setup to allow nothing incoming as I don't have any need to punch holes through the NAT layer.  I also don't do stupid stuff like fall for email fishing schemes.   I haven't had any issues with being hacked, though I'm sorry I missed out in the 26 million dollars from the Nigerian Prince, that would have come in handy.

Another measure that is so often overlooked is good backup.  I'm not talking about sticking a USB stick in once in a while and saving your Documents folder, I'm talking about a real backup, preferably with multiple generations.  I have a couple of NAS drives and several off-line USB drives that I do regular daily backups, the NAS backups are automatic.  I also have a cloud service that I maintain all my documents and development files on.

I've not encountered this regularly, but I think I did see it in a very specific circumstance a few years ago.

I sometimes visit the forum at lunchtime from my work computer(which is in the same time zone as my home computer).

One time on a travel assignment, I was remotely logged in (Windows remote desktop) to my computer at my desk from a location a few time zones away.  I believe I saw this banner pop up at least once in that case.  So some characteristic of where I was actually accessing the internet from might have caused this.  (keep in mind I was using the same installation of the browser, and the computer I was actually running the browser on remained in the same time zone as always.)

Even this is a bit curious to me though, as my regular connection at work (to other websites) is seen as if it is not local geographically .  If I go to a big box store website, it may assume I am in a different region of the country when it suggests what my local store is. 

The point of all this is, I'd agree that it can be a bit of an odd combination of elements contributing to whether you see this or not (relating to both your PC and also factors relating to your ISP that you have no control over and may be transparent in most other cases) .  It's not necessarily just a simple "check the timezone on your PC and also your Forum profile" issue (though I am sure it helps to have that correct too! )


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