TinMan3Rail Switch Controllers

In looking up how to wire my switch controllers, I came across these. They're pretty intruiging, and while I'm not in need of switch controllers, I wondered if people had these (either the originals, or the ones that also allow you to power sidings) and what they thought of them. They look nifty.

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ADCX Rob posted:

That's a lot of work to throw a switch.

  "Twice the work": Yea but except for switching spur of the moment ( ) half of the labor is done early (the choice), and the "action" is a singular one , so any chance on a last second wrong way "choke" on the lever resulting in the points staying put is eliminated. I suspect you can push the action button and flick the toggle with two digits easy enough too.

   After thinking about it, it offers for some different scenarios; e.g., it might come in handy for switching when timing is of the essence, it can change two at once, or not.

  Not bad, not great, just different. 

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