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So tonight I started cleaning the trim from my flyer 3211.  Based on advice from others here I tried 0000 steel wool. The results are some what mixed.  The process is slow and tedious- two of my least favorite things.  The name plates and grab irons look great.  The window frame dark corrosion came of, but the current surface is a different shade and still inconsistent in appearance.  The ladder cleaned up okay but not great.  All these parts are hard to hang onto, making them painful on the fingers in short order!

Here are some side by side pictures.CD275A10-D46E-4BCE-880D-4D662C1C2E914071ADE1-D69F-431B-89B5-BD8089142581CD382DB2-1906-4FBF-AAD1-FD02BFE3ECC0

Flyer trim can be a bit of a mixed bag. Some are brass, some are brass plated tin. The plated ones won’t take much cleaning before you reach the tin.


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