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jhz563 posted:

The only thing even close I saw this year was a house/lantern type structure at Walmart that would need painted.   Didn't see any cookie tin houses. 

There is a store called Sur la Table, a kitchen supply store.  They have some cookie tins.  Not sure if they have them near you.  Mine is in Beachwood, a Cleveland suburb.

Google Sur la Table (one word) and search for cookie tins.


Lou N

This year the Michael's in my area had significantly less holiday decorations than last year.  No tin style buildings this year; likely because half of last years order did not sell by Christmas and was marked down 70% to 90% by Jan 1, 2019 to clear the shelves for Spring products.  I also noticed that At Home had a few Christmas wood/tin structures but the variety was limited to a few churches and a barn and it too was much less than in 2018.

Just picked up a couple of tin 'holiday decor' buildings from walmart that will look good as steel mill, or combined to make a cool engine shed. I do not have ability to post photo; however you can see them if you google '575561721 holiday time distressed metal horse barn table-top christmas decoration, 12.2" '. I had better luck finding them online this way than doing a search on the walmart website. You can look up your local store availability; they are reduced to $8.49 ea now; my local store still has 4 of them on the shelf. Also picked up a bunch of the 10 bulb to a string led's that run off a aaa battery pack; soft white, multicolor, and the same with globe led bulbs; just 49cents a pack.

Here is a Michael's Tin building that I picked up last  year in January.  I use it as my "Drummers (traveling salesmen} Hotel" in a corner of the layout near the suburban station.  I had to paint in a door but the fact that the windows don't start till about the 2nd floor was OK as I thought that would be likely to help abate the noise of the passing trains.  I agree with "Keystone", when I shopped Michael's after Christmas this year there were no equivalent structures or anything even close.

Good Hunting  Don


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