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Nice catches all round Dan and Lew !

Those lamps look stunning Daniel and in pretty good nick too !  The bulbs are killer ... you can see they were hand drawn glass so they must be pretty early?

The South African Hornby is an elusive beast Lew as is the O Gauge Mitropa .. you have pulled another one( well two really)  out of the hat there!

(Wow .. if thats the SAR just sold on Vectis you made off like a bandit with it Lew! .. )

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Most of this set arrived in the mail today.

C. 1914-1915 American Flyer Pennsylvania 1107/1108 cars with engine and tender.

Metzel style engine with machined cast iron wheels, which only are found on the 1914-1915 engines.  Bonus, the engine spring is good and the engine works as it should.

The rivet style 120 tender, which is the first variation of this tender.

The Penn Line wood sided litho pattern 1108 baggage car.  The wood sided cars are c. 1914-1915 only.

The 1107 Pennsylvania coach is the only car that did not arrive in today's mail.  I bought it at York several years ago at one of the bandit shows. 

The coach that arrived in the mail could not be saved, but donated a frame, roof, and wheels to the coach above (prior to these pictures being taken).

Now I have all of the wood sided cars, except for the blue 1108 Penn Line baggage.


Well, my input today comes all the way from France.  Daniel, this seller sent this car in a simple envelope (carefully wrapped) decorated with 10 different French postage stamps on the outside.  If I was a stamp collector I might have kept the envelope and thrown away the car !

It is a French Hornby Saint Freres Covered Wagon or...SNCF Wagon Tombereau Bache "Saint Freres" . Postwar made between 1949 and 1954 .  Here he is...

French Hornby Coverd Wagon side viewFrench Hornby Covered Wagon end view

Best wishes everyone.  I should also add, Arnie and NWL those are really beautiful sets.  Thanks for posting.



Images (2)
  • French Hornby Coverd Wagon side view
  • French Hornby Covered Wagon end view

Nice pickups everybody!

I am kinda stoked to reveal my pickup this week , another Hornby , I have found a couple of really tatty locomotives in the past of the same ilk , but never a full rake , always hoping to come across the carriages at some point , I mean they must be out there , the locos were lol ..

However locally I found the full set at a do-able price so jumped on it ...

Let me present ...

The 1936-40 Hornby Clockwork Silver Link set in not too shabby condition

Lots of Hornby "Artistic License " applied to this one but I think its one of the nicest clockwork 0-4-0's they made , a shortened stubby version of the real life A4 locomotives , slightly cartoonish even, but you can bet the farm any kid getting ths futuristic streamliner would have wet his Christmas or Birthday pants !

Nice catch @Fatman many times sellers don't have the right knowledge of their stuff so some good deals may happen.  I just had a similar opportunity in Germany on Ebay with two lamp posts described as Lionel from 1926. If the date is not bad they are definitely something else....

The first one is an IVES model, not yet received but seems in good condition, I am not sure about the paint is right or not, and the two bulbs have a more Marklin or Bing look but maybe someone knows better than me. Finding IVES pieces in the old Europe is rare so not too bad and for half the price of a simple Lionel one from the same period even if I would have preferred a Lionel one....


The second one is an American Flyer model, as the previous one not sure about the paint but for me it looks nice... even if more common than the IVES model.

Have a nice weekend,  Daniel

Love those bulbs!

Hello Don, you have been very lucky to receive that nice Hornby car without any damage, it is not a heavy piece but I would have been afraid to send it this way.  Now maybe you will have to search for a matching engine from the same period....

Simon, nothing more to say..... your Hornby set is a beauty, I have never found one and would be very happy with such a nice little set.  I have in a similar style a PLM streamlined set in French livery and electric, it was also offered as clockwork.


Great finds guys,

@John Smatlak , as you John I enjoy those old bulbs but they are more and more hard to find...



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  • PB060190
  • PB060192

Daniel - thanks for your comments.  I have an OVA loco which I know was available in 1959 (thanks to the catalog from that year that you sent me) and I have a PO type electric which apparently (at least according to my Hornby ref book) was available until 1954. I think these would be aga appropriate, but what do you think?

Oh you are right about sending the car the way the seller did but no damage was done and the shipping cost was very inexpensive, maybe he found a way to by-pass the e-bay shipping charges.

Best wishes


French Hornby No 1 loco side viewFrench Hornby Train- close up front view


Images (2)
  • French Hornby No 1 loco side view
  • French Hornby Train- close up front view

@Don McErlean  Your two locos are a little older than the car, it is the last type made by Hornby.

The matching one for your engines would be the same one but with a green base.


And a perfect matching loco would be a common BB type as this one in a set box (tracks are missing in the upper part of the box)


Shipping charges are definetely too expensives, but a solid parcel is generally the best thing to do, I received a Lionel post war generator car with the plastic shell totaly destroyed using this system...

Very best, Daniel


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  • DCP06020
  • DCP05089
@beardog49 posted:

**** you, fatman, your the one who beat me.

Best John

If thats the case you made me pay for the priviledge Been watching it all week with a $125AUD start bid until the final few minutes

Yep I hit you up with 9 seconds to go ... and you beat me with your max , but my nimble fingers put in one last ditch bid with nanoseconds to go fully expecting not to get it ... then BAM ( Darn! ) I won it at more than I wanted to pay lol ! ( but still a good price )

It was totally unfair tho as you would be bidding US$ which already gives you a 30% advantage to us poor Aussie cousins only getting 70c to the dollar 

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@FRENCHTRAINS , The PLM Aerodynamique is on my bucketlist for sure but they are so hard to find in half decent condition with a half decent price LOL!  Beautiful set you have

@Don McErlean, the best part is ...Its Hornby , so it wont matter too much which loco you use unless you are uber "anal" lol <-- bet it censors that ? Hornby is built to play with and has such interconnectivity across most of its life span

(Edit .. ok it DID let it go thru .. hee hee .. hmn you cant say d a m n  but anal is fine )

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@beardog49 posted:

Good Morning

Fatman, I was thinking about the auction that you won. You said you bid with 9 secs left only to be beat by my max bid.

That is interesting because there were only 6 seconds left when I entered my max. Maybe there is something to the

time difference after all.

It is tail end tuesday so I better go find some tail.

Best John

Morning John ( late evening here)

The 9 seconds on my side is my cue to hit enter on the bid , as I am in a rural area , relying on an old fashioned ADSL set up ... for local auctions that gives me a wee margin of buffer in case the ether glitches on me   so my 9 second bid probably hit the auction platform about 0.000 poofteenths of a second before yours ... and hence .. you got top bid ... but my cat like reflexes ( lol ) enabled me to get in an uber quick panic bid with gawd knows how many poofteenths of a second before the auction end ... so you won , and then right on hammer fall  my top up  bid snuck in thru the ether on the last electron bus available !

I was for sure thinking "no way" it would get thru ... It has not worked before for me in the past , but it sneaked in by a sparrows fart

It was a Battle Royale and you were a formidable foe!

Happy Tail hunting !

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Here is a can of worms I should not have opened. I acquired these Hornby bugatti railcars a couple of years ago. From what

I learned then, it appears the two car sncf set is postwar, while the blue plm car is part of a prewar set. I had the windup

motor pictured laying around, I think it is from a cheap hornby hachette loco, so I thought I would see if it could be

adapted to the prewar frame. If fit perfectly, however the winding shaft did not line up with the holes in the prewar body.

Nor was there a place for the brake lever. If you notice on the postwar set the first three windows on the side are cut out

which accomodates the brake lever, not so on the prewar. I could not find any pics of a three car prewar set online.

Part two of the can of worms is while searching online, I came across another postwar set and a prewar single car,

both from the same seller. I made reasonable offers on both and they were accepted. I asked the seller to combine shipping

which he would not do. My total for the transaction was 154.22 euros which at the exchange rate at the time of the

sale was $172.18usd.  Paypal charged me 189.04 for the 154.22eur transaction or $16.86 for a fee. I think this is

a bit excessive. I am probably going to start a return on the items immediately. Also am going to rethink using Paypal for

my ebay transactions.

In the meantime, I am looking for electric motors that fit these, also dummy trucks, and a center car for a  red sncf

prewar three car set.

Please save your "you should have done this or that" comments for another time.IMG_20210810_140644_0IMG_20210810_140657_6IMG_20210810_140745_0



Images (3)
  • IMG_20210810_140644_0
  • IMG_20210810_140657_6
  • IMG_20210810_140745_0

I dont have any French Bugatti/Streamliners ( yet so hopefully @FRENCHTRAINS Daniel will pop in ... its probably relevant here that French Hornby was a company in its own right so its pure guesstimation as to what if any UK hornby components are compatible although by eye the motors look the same format in such things I do have like the MO ... and certainly Hachette although of the right size and configuration has literally nothing to do with actual Hornby except in name ..

@Jim O'C  Has some examples too If memory is correct?

Your PLM Railcar seems to be the lead car from this set


As to modern electrification you could try this chap here ...

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Thanks for the info Fatman. Sorry, here is a pic of the complete PLM train. It is hard to identify a lead car because the

two end cars appear identical. I believe the center unit on the 3 car trains was the powered unit. But having said that, I believe

any of the cars could have been powered as the frames are virtually identical.  I am also enclosing a pic you might appreciate.

A "WELLS OF LONDON" SILVER STREAK. I actually got this in a lot I bought for another reason. When I did a bit of research

it seems it may be part of a british Mickey Mouse set.

Best, JohnIMG_20210810_222519_8IMG_20210810_222538_5IMG_20210810_222556_8


Images (3)
  • IMG_20210810_222519_8
  • IMG_20210810_222538_5
  • IMG_20210810_222556_8

Hi John I can match your Silver Streak ( three times lol ) and up the ante with both Red and Blue Golden Eagle versions . as well as the Brimtoy( Wells)  Silverlink set

In good condition ...

Annnnd not so good

And full rake for the red set ...

But sadly I have bad news for you regarding the Mickey Mouse status of your loco ... although basically the same mechanics and body shell shape the Mickey Set had a slightly different lithography with red and black accents , Dual cab window cut-outs , real wire boiler handrail ( litho on non-Mickey sets) and red siderods ..

( Not mine .. borrowed from web)

My internet is like a yoyo. It appears I sent a lengthy response that went nowhere. I have seen the red and blue, but did

not want to pay the price. I did notice that a lot of the Mickey set bears a more than passing resemblence to the lionel one.

I think I have only seen black and white photos of the mickey set which is why I may have thought the silver link was part of it.

It does seem I need to up my game now, tho. I attempted to start a tinplate streamliner thread on the forum, but no takers.


I must have missed the thread .. I would have been there in a flash lol

Ahhh youve hidden it in the Photo section !

( but just cos I know you will like it ... heres a few Streamliners from my collection )

Chad Valley Merlin ( battery operated D cells in boiler)

Jep france

KD ( Dressler)

Mettoy ( HO )

Louis Roussi ( french)

Ottmar Beckh

And Maurlyn .. AUSTRALIAN!

@Fatman posted:

I dont have any French Bugatti/Streamliners ( yet so hopefully @FRENCHTRAINS Daniel will pop in ... its probably relevant here that French Hornby was a company in its own right so its pure guesstimation as to what if any UK hornby components are compatible although by eye the motors look the same format in such things I do have like the MO ... and certainly Hachette although of the right size and configuration has literally nothing to do with actual Hornby except in name ..

@Jim O'C  Has some examples too If memory is correct?

Your PLM Railcar seems to be the lead car from this set


As to modern electrification you could try this chap here ...

I have the Hachette version of the Hornby AD2E PLM Railcar set which came 1 car a month with the magazine (issues 47, 48, 49 and 55).

Although in great shape appearance-wise, the working clockwork mechanism is loose inside the flimsy sheetmetal loco shell and was received that way.

5-car example (not mine)

5-car plm 257.44


Images (1)
  • 5-car plm 257.44
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Hello tinplate I am posting another crossing signal, although this one is potentially a lot older than the Lionel one I posted on 7/24...this one has all the "bells and whistles" (somewhat literally).  It is an American Flyer #2116 with a light and a ringing bell all connected to track power.  This is complete including the bulb for the red light, but I don't know if I have the courage to put power to it...(LOL)!  

OK here is my "mystery"...all my references for prewar AF do not cover accessories.  The internet yielded lots of pictures of the #2116 variations but they were all in selling articles and no one listed any history of the item beyond stating it was pre-war.  I know there are those on this thread that are far more familiar with pre-war flyer than I...does anyone know the years that this signal was available??  If so I would really appreciate you sending me a response via this thread.  Thank you.

Here she is...sign, light, bell, and fancy "hat" still all intact.  The square little black / gold sign on the base is a metallic add on piece that says simply..."American Flyer Lines" in gold letters on a black background.  The construction is rather neat and is designed to allow "variations"  The bell and the light for example are held onto the main support via a nut and bolt clamping arrangement that can easily be added or removed from the main support.  The power wire is inside the hollow support and just runs to two simple pressure activated contactors on the side of the bell mechanism housing. From my internet research, I could see that AF offered this item with and without these add on's.

well anyway, that's my mystery for today

Regards, Don

AF Bell Ringing Signal #2116


Images (1)
  • AF Bell Ringing Signal #2116


The Greenberg's Guide to American Flyer Wide Gauge, includes the prewar accessories at the rear of the guide. 

The 2116 was cataloged between 1928 and 1939.  The 4116 (same item but coming with wide gauge track connection) was cataloged between 1928 and 1936.  From 1922-1927 the 2016 was cataloged, which was roughly the same, but there was no riser between the base and the post.

Your 2116 would fall in the dates of 1928-1935, because in 1936 the item's design changes to having a rectangular base. 

Here is a 2016 c. 1922-1927

Here is a 4116 with its original box

There is also a version with a green post

There are different bell mechanism designs

Here is a photo of the 1935-1939 version


Two items of interest

1.  Just received my copy of Graebe's Hornby O Gauge Trains in France.  It is a masterpiece-- or as the French say a chef d'oeuvre if my memories of high school French are correct. True, it is not cheap, but it is worth every centime.

2.  As I posted elsewhere on the Forum my Vectis acquisitions have arrived and here they are.LAYOUT SAR SAS TANK EDITOFFICE Mitropa Schlafwagen Hornby Portrait


Images (2)
  • OFFICE Mitropa Schlafwagen Hornby Portrait

Hi Lew,  excellent memories, it is a real chef d'oeuvre, the best reference to French Hornby, Chris Graebe is the best Hornby historian and his books are full of interesting facts.

I am impressed by the quality of the two pieces you present, not every day you see a Hornby for the South African Railways, export models are especially rare pieces. The Mitropa is also excellent, they where produced during a short time and did not have a great success so also rare to find today.  Congratulations for those two wonderful pieces, a perfect addition to a great collection.

All my best wishes, Daniel

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