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Anybody know would made this tinplate O gauge speeder? Any tips on how to get it running? The front wheels have copper contacts 180 degrees apart. They are connected to rectangular shaped axle that rides between what appears to be the motor field.

It tries to run when I help push it along, but it really does move much.



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FWIW, found mine on the shelf. Both the box and the speeder are pretty beat up. Someone taped the box in the past and then the tape was removed long before I got it removing a stripe on each side of the box labeling.

@Rob English posted:

Don't run them long, the front wheels explode if you get them too hot.

Yep, that warning is actually on the one box end flap, but can be hidden if you do not open that endflap.



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I didn't know this either, I took off the yellow cover to see the soldered lightbulb that makes the headlight that shines out of the 2 holes at the front. The rear tab they just slightly bent one edge to capture it in the slot.

Also shows how the pickup makes a C shape around the axle to capture it from springing way out when not on the track.




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