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A company called TINY CIRCUITS  TinyTV DIY Kit | DIY Kits |

has a circuit for a tiny TVs,

tiny tv

Could a version be installed in a passenger car to show a video of moving passengers within the car;

or in an engine cab showing engineers waiving or shoveling coal. In a caboose showing conductors drinking coffee.

I should add that I have NOT purchased one as yet.


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I imagine the enclosure could be made smaller or simply remove the legs and now it will be approximately the 1:48 scale in height.  There were some large sets at one time so I wouldn't rule this out.

You could put this into a home and have some kids sitting in front of it watching the Adams Family where Gomez is playing with his trains!   All sorts of ideas with this little gadget.

Very cute and customizable.

I saw on the products page there is another display without the "TV" cabinet.  I don't understand if it does the same thing or not.

Pretty sure it's the same board, just without the cabinet.  They actually have a few different display kits with various funcitons, so you'd have to be sure you were getting the functionality you were looking for.

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