TIP: Workaround for Exporting DCS App Files in iOS 11.x Using AirDrop

Anyone who's been using AirDrop to export files from one iPhone or iPad to another using AirDrop has possible noticed that iOS 11.x has removed AirDrop as an option for doing so. This wilmost likely be corrected in a future DCS App release.

However, until that happens, there's a workaround to allow AirDrop to be used to facilitate the export/import process.

When exporting a DCS App's content from an iOS 11.x device:

  • Tapping Share brings up a list of choices. Select the option "Save to Files".
  • Next, within iCloud Drive, select TextEdit.
  • Tap Add.
  • Next, on the device's Home screen, tap on the Files icon
  • Tap on the exported file, typically named "wifiDCSExport..."
  • Tap the share icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Now, use AirDrop to select the recipient iPhone or iPad.
  • The new device should receive the export file.



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Original Post

I found it easier to export as attachement to email and open email on this example on my iphone and open attachement and import to dcs program.  Works great and lot easier.  Now my ipad and iphone both have same dcs files so now can use either one.




In order to export/import using E-mail, there must be Internet access, which is unavailable when the WIU is in MTH Mode.

AirDrop is also faster.

Further, by passing through Files, rather than AirDropping directly between devices, the exported file is retained for future use, such as a restore into the original device.



DCS Ambassador & author of The DCS Companion series of books

Train-Ca-Teers - All For O and O For All!


There are a variety of ways to move files between devices.  In iOS 11, Apple decided to replace air drop from in-app environments in lieu of using the file system.  So now, you just export the DCS app file into the file manager and then move it from there using air drop, if you like.  Yes it's a couple more taps but, you'll have to take that up with Apple.  It's nothing we did at MTH.  


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