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I'm trying to remove the paint from a recent production metal Lionel PS-4 flatcar.  Thus far the paint has been totally resistant to several days of immersion in LA's Awesome (my usual), and then again in 91% isopropyl alcohol.  With a steel brush I can get some of the paint off, but it looks very sloppy and does not constitute in my opinion an acceptable foundation for a new paint job.  So, what chemical would you recommend?  I don't have access to a sand blaster.  Thanks.


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I've had success with diecast paint removal using boiling water and Drano.  Use protective gear (rubber gloves and face shield).


For metal Die cast  lost wax castings  , stamped steel, or brass. I use  lacquer thinner  in a Paint can, and cleaned up with a cheep 1' hair paint brush.  it will remove all and any model paint, enamel or lacquer  with out any damage to the metal.

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