Have a PS3 engine.  Once it sits for about a week, when I start it up, it will run conventionally but the TIU can not find it.  If I reset the TIU, then most of the time, it works as it should.  Occasionally, I have to reset the locomotive also in order to get back to normal operation.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what is happening?  This is new.  Never used to be a problem.

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what is the item number of your engine hard to help you t all without it. sometimes certain engine have had issues that can easily be corrected! have you done a remote signal track test from remote should be as close to 10 as possible, lets start there and you can also try in on a test piece of track instead of your layout! sometimes it has to do with the way the wire are in your engine!

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I guess I am confused, if DCS can't find engine you can't do a DCS reset.  If you have engine started and shut off power does it play shut down sounds completely, or go silent quickly?  May be bad Super cap, or you have a issue with DCC/DCS switch not making good contact.  Or, you have issues with wire routing over the PS-3 board.  The caps must be folded horizontally and all wires run over them, not under them or directly over PCB.  G

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