i tried putting a new sound file in my PS 3.0 locomotive but the DCS loader could not detect it. It just tells me locomotive not found. I checked it out and successfully downloaded the sound files from a 2.0 locomotive without a problem. I uploaded to two PS 2.0 locomotives. It will not decrease my PS 3 locomotives at all. Has anyone else had this problem?

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I have had that happen.  I just did “scorched earth” by unplugging everything.  Don’t forget to power off Wi-Fi power.  It will feed power to TIU.  Beboot computer and try again.  You may have to play with com port settings.

The loader has its quirks.  FYI, many will suggest running DC for loading because it bypasses a component in the electronics.


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 I will try conThe PC can see the TIU just not the locomotive on the track. This problem seems to be limited to PS 3 as they are the only ones that refuse to be recognized. This applies to my steamers and diesels that are PS 3. I really like the PS 3 locomotive but they are a pain to configure. I cannot get my DCS Explorer to work with the PS 3 locomotives either. They run fine in conventional but o can’t get the programmed to run in DCS mode.

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