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A friend sent me this, and I had no answer.

anyone ever encountered this?

Quick question; I was running my MTH Southern Crescent Thursday night as I had a friend coming over on Friday morning to see the layout.
Everything was running great until I pressed the + volume button on the MTH Controller to increase the engine sounds. Then the sound shut off altogether. I tried to reset the sound and then the train stopped altogether. After not being able to do anything with the train I put on another MTH PS2 engine and got a Train not on the Track readout.
Then it suggested resetting the TIU! Any idea what is going on?  “
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i would suggest you do a track signal test if you have a working engine. if not see if you have track voltage and also make sure you have dcs turned on and also see if tiu is blinking 1 time on power up a red led inside should flash 1 time on power if your set for tiu 1 on your layout ! are you running dcs conventional or ps 1 engine what is you engine item number 20 - 30 - etc !


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