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I recently got a ZW-L and a new MTH locomotive that I wanted to test/program in the remote. I had to set up a small test track, since the layout is currently under a massive rebuild. When I wire it up on Fixed 1 I get track power but I get a buzzing sound from the TIU. My TIU is a Rev H2 and didn't have any issues with the previous power setup I had of 2 135 bricks on a TPC 300 so I don't know what could be the issue causing this.

I have tested all four channels of the ZW-L and I get the same thing.


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  • ZW-L TIU hookup
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Tiu Buzzing with ZW-L
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The ZW-L outputs a modified sine wave that will cause your buzzing. You'll notice that it gets worse as the voltage gets lower.

Your bricks output full unmodified sine wave power. The TPC will modify the wave but only when the power is set to anything less than full power.

The buzzing is annoying but shouldn't hurt anything.

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