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a few weeks back I came here asking why thumb wheel slow to respond.
barry said to undo super mode if I had 2 tiu's in super mode that cured that and I thank you very much barry.

now a new problem thats baffling me no end I have 6 bpc's each one powers 4 blocks.
so first tiu powers 4 bpc's each with there own power supply to each channel.

the second tiu powers the other 2 bpcs now the problem.

the second tiu powers block # 17 fine it in deed has power but no dcs signal?
so long story short I reset both tiu's to super mode and poof block #17 has power and dcs signal so set both back to normal mode again no dcs signal to block#17.

so set tiu #1 back to super mode and poof dcs signal is back! hows that possible as tiu #1 only powers block #'s 1-16 tiu #2 powers block #17

tiu is still set to normal mode.

what am I missing here?

thanks for any help $oo
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Sounds like your block 17 is shorted to a block on TIU #1.
Shut off all the power and go at it with an ohm meter.
Or if it's not shorted to the tracks immediately adjacent, clip one side of a light to the #17 center rail and the other side to the outer rail.
Apply a battery to the center and outer rails of other sections until the light lights up. You then have your short defined to two blocks, then trace those wires.
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