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I noticed last evening that the wall wart that comes with a lion chief set has the same plug as an mth z750 or z1000 brick.  

How much power does the aux power connection on the tiu actually need?  For example could I use a wall wart that puts out 18 volts for the aux power supply?  

As a follow up,  is the a downside to not using an mth brick,  such as not having the circuit breaker?  


In a somewhat related question,  is there a plus/minus to using the older mth bricks labeled for 21 volts as opposed to the newer ones rated at 18?  

For reference I am using a Rev I tiu, an it just came back from mth with rev 6.1 software. 

All constructive insights are always appreciated, 


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@GGG posted:

As long as barrel exact size you need only about 1.5A for the TIU.  So it would work.  Are you talking bricks for Aux power or Track power.  21 is fine for MTH, too much for Lionel.  G

thanks GGG.  I will check the power rating on that wall wart this evening. 

As to the 21 volt bricks, I was planning on using them for track power, if I used them at all.  Since I routinely mix up what is on my two loops, I usually wire them into the variable in side and then use the track setting in the remote to scroll the voltage up and down.  I have never been all the way to full voltage this way, though the post war Lionel stuff certainly takes more power to move.  I will also occasionely run a lionchief engine, again just scrolling up the voltage.  

I have however recently acquired a Z-4000.  I have not yet had to to research the best way to use it with the TIU.

Is there a precise technical explanation of the problem with 21V AC with Lionel products (which ones)?

The TIU Variable channels use the "chopped sinewave" method to scroll the track voltage up/down.  This means the apparently "harmful" effects of 21V AC might still be present even if the variable channel is set to something less than full voltage.

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