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A friend has a very simple layout feeding it with a Z1000 brick diretly into the Fixed Input 1 of a Rev L. TIU. The tracks are fed by the Fixed Output 1.

Until recently, when he feeds the TIU input, the 5 MTH PS2 engine on the layout click (receives the DCS signal) and stay silent until a StartUp signal is sent.

Now, after feeding the TIU, all locos starts up in conventional. We looked for all possible causes : defective loco, short-circuit, moved the feeding through Fixed 2, etc.

The only way to prevent it, was to install a new TIU with the same configuration. Goin back to the old one, conventional start Up all the time. Re-introducing the new one solved everythong.

Any diagnostic on this apparently defective TIU?
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Try running a set of jumpers to Fixed 2 Input from Fixed 1 Input. (This way, the TIU will stay powered.) Then move your outputs from Fixed 1 Output to Fixed 2 Output. If the problem goes away (engines stay silent), then the problem is a bad signal generator on Fixed 1. Call MTH Service for an RMA#.

If it does not go way, I would go back to basics and make the simplest setup possible: a length of track, and one engine. Check the engines one at a time, hopefully one is good, and go through the 4 channals. Be aware that you need to add variable 1 and variable 2 to the TIU track before you can pass voltage through those channals. Add them, set the voltage on your transformer to 18 v, then go to the TR botton , select each in turn, and dial up to voltage. You can verify that you have voltage with a lightbulb or a voltmeter.

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