Recently my DCS TIU var 2 channel stopped working .  I sent it to MTH for repair and they indicated a FET had shorted.  When the unit was returned it seems to operate differently.  When power is applied to layout/ZW the track connected thru  the Tiu Var2 is immediately hot.  Conventional Locos can immediately be run using the transformer but not the remote.  Before MTH repaired(??) the unit it was necessary to select Tiu Var 2 thru the DCS remote for the connectd track track to receive  power.  This is the way it still works for my track connected thru Tiu Var1.  Do I still have problem with the TIU and should it be sent back to MTH for a redo?

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Have you configured the TIU from the remote?  Sounds like the variable channels are set to fixed mode. 




Scroll to VARIABLE 1 or VARIABLE 2

Press the soft key on the right, FXD, it should pop up with the current setting, you want it to be in variable mode.

Repeat for the second variable channel.

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