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a 12-18 volt DC or AC power supply is fine

I asked this a while back and was told NOT to use a DC wall wart and to use AC ONLY. I had a load of DC out wall warts and none with an AC output.

So what's the real deal?

I was using the AC side of an old Troller Transamp 1,but have since gone back to using my Z750 and jumpering the inputs of Fixed 1 and Variable 1.
As VaGolfer advsied any 12-22 Volt power supply will power the TIU, I purchased one from
Raido Shack to leave with the layout equipment, it works just fine. Set your cheannels to fixed, power up and drive on. I did plug the 12-22 Volt power supply into a multi plug unit with a switch, so I could shut off the power to the TIU when I shut down the layout.

You can see the small white 12-22 volt power supply just above and to the right of the ZW, in this picture, payed about $8.00 for it, at the that time. This is they kind of technical information
found in Barrys book, and on the DCS Video Guide.

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