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I have a Lionel TMC 6-18286 UP9717 diesel. My first attempt at working on a smoke unit. I wanted to improve smoke. I took it apart and took sleeve off heating element, which was chard . I put new batting in. Also drill quarter inch hole in Board to improve smoke . Put back together. Fan not working but it’s making loads a smoke when I blow in hole in circuit board. When I set my meter on standard voltage on  the contacts on circuit board for fan it read about 2.5 volts. If I set my meter on battery voltage it read about 1.24 volts. I assume it’s the fan motor. Or is that not enough voltage to run fan. I did reset engine. Are smoke units available and or can I get just get  fan motor? Thanks for any response. I did a search on smoke units. Still not sure, so would appreciate any help. Ron

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They even tell you what the components are

Not saying buy the components from Lionel- just saying, good part numbers and details.

or just order the entire PCB if soldering and repair is not your thing.

All that said, my other concern would be- given this is driven of the smoke TRIAC of the typical TMCC receiver (R2lC), might it be possible the wrong "feature code" was set? Again, depending on feature code, the output might not half wave rectify the full voltage- hence your low reading?

Thinking it should be 8

Programming the R2LC Receiver with the Cab-1

The R2LC Command module is a very flexible device and can be programmed to operate all the features of different locomotives. For example, there are five (5) general purpose outputs that can be programmed to operate different functions such as directional headlamps, strobe light, cab lights, smoke unit, or electrocouplers. Use the table below to determine which features of your engine you need to operate from your CAB-1. Then, use the corresponding feature code to program your R2LC
CodeEngine TypeFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3Feature 4Feature 5
0Steam w/ SignalsoundsHeadlampRear LampFront CouplerRear CouplerSmoke Unit
1Diesel w/ SignalsoundsHeadlampRear LampFront CouplerRear CouplerStrobe Light
2Diesel w/ SignalsoundsHeadlampRear LampFront CouplerRear CouplerCab Light
4Steam w/ RailsoundsHeadlampRear LampFront CouplerRear CouplerSmoke Unit
5Diesel w/ RailsoundsHeadlampRear LampFront CouplerRear CouplerStrobe Light
6Diesel w/ RailsoundsHeadlampRear LampFront CouplerRear CouplerCab Light
8Diesel w/ RailsoundsHeadlampRear LampFront CouplerRear CouplerSmoke Unit
To program the engine features,1. Set the engine PROG/RUN switch to PROG. 2. Place the engine on the track and apply power. 3. On the CAB-1, press [ENG] then the number (1 - 99) for the locomotive. 4. Press [SET]. 5. Press [AUX1] [N], where N = the engine feature code. 6. Remove power from the track and place the switch back into the ‘RUN’ position.


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  • mceclip3

Thank you Vernon

Just trying to cover something simple like a programming thing, that might fix it, before diving too deep into the electronics. I've seen plenty of engines set with the wrong feature code- you get a pulsing smoke unit- not "chuffing" if set to a flashing beacon mode. Or in some instances, the smoke output is reduced when idle not moving VS moving. All reasons why the fan would appear to not be working, but was not an electronic failure- just the wrong feature code.

Gunner John, I did what you said . Pulled plug on fan motor and it does read within the 10% of the 5VDC, so pretty sure it’s the fan motor. Thanks John

Ron, from what you describe I had a similar issue, and it was the motor as well. That test pretty much does confirms it. My usual troubleshooting is to replace the motor first and if that doesn't work back, I usually replace the board.

It is a useful skill; I can't tell you how many times I've been down the failed smoke unit road


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