TMCC board Doesn't Go Backwards Any Reuse Ideas?

Ameen, if you don't have a ohmmeter or a scope you won't be able to find which reversing diode or Mosfet is defective. Like I said before, I suggest you replace all the electronics with the Electriccrr Mini II.

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AmeenTrainGuy posted:

John, you were correct the R2LC board works perfectly fine it looks like the bottom board is the issue. Do you know if this is solvable if not then I will get a bottom board. Do you know where I can get a replacement that does not cost much?


How do you know the R2LC works perfectly fine.  Seems you are over your head and new to this.  You need to do some basic research on the Web so you can learn how some of this works. The parts are going to be way more than you paid for the engine.    G

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