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I'm looking at the diagram for the TMCC direct Lockon, which I have purchased, but has not yet arrived, and I have a common sense question.  To my eyes (aged as they are) that the wire from the U/common post on the cab1 base and the wire from the ZW transformer connect to the same contact point on the lockon, and then wires from the common and hot posts on the ZW go to the fastrack, as well.  I have learned all too quickly what putting too much voltage on those wires from the ZW transformer, and doesn't smell too nice, to put it nicely.

I approach all this the way I approach Unix system administration -- a bit of logic, a bit of trial and error, and a lot of questions to people who've done it before.  Do I have this right?  Alternate configs I can envision have NO wores from the zw to the track because the tmcc Lockon provides the power to the track.  In this scenario, I have one wire from the zw, one from the cab base, and they terminate on the u post of the lockon, while a red and black cable go from the lockon to the track.

Can someone who has done this please tell me what my eyes are missing?  The lionel manual looks simple, but I am sure I'm reading it wrong.

Thanks in advance.

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B04B2753-3162-48CF-A653-F33A76D86C41The lock-on uses a modular 3 pin connector (only 2 pins wired) to bring in power from transformer or brick.  
The U wire from the TMCC/Legacy base lands on a dedicated squeeze/spring connector in the lock-on.  
The track terminal section connects the center rail to the A screw terminal and outside rail to the U terminal screw.  

This configuration ensures TMCC/Legacy to the rails regardless of whether the lock-on circuit breaker is closed or tripped.  


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