I have a few quick questions for ya and I don't mind a long winded answer, in fact it is encouraged:

Will a TMCC controlled steam loco run at the same speed in a consist as a TMCC diesel? 

I don't have a lot of TMCC operating experience, all of my Lionel stuff is Legacy based.  I have one TMCC diesel and it wouldn't run in a consist with my legacy diesels.  I didn't try changing the control format in the remote, I just figured that was the way it is  I have a lot of step grades on my layout and a single steam loco won't pull more than a dozen cars up the hills so, I convert a small diesel loco into a powered box car and run it as a consist.  I am considering an older Lionel TMCC PRR T-1 to pull my GGD fleet of modernism cars.  I have a TMCC RS-11 that would get the "box car treatment" to help pull it up the hills.



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From my experience, and what others have told me, TMCC or Legacy steam and diesels do not mate up in a lash-up. The gearing is totally different. I played around with a Legacy UP E7 and my Legacy 4-8-4. Never got them to sync. 

What I do when building a lash-up, I place the engines on the track about 1 to 2 feet apart. Once the lash-up is made, I then run them to insure that both are in sync, and that one does not move faster or slower than the other. 

If they all run in sync, then I know I can couple them up and run 'em.


First off, if you have similar engines, there's a couple of rules.

You MUST run the consist in TMCC mode as it can't be configured with a Legacy as the lead.

You'll likely have to turn cruise off of at least the TMCC engine, that gives it a lot of "slop" to deal with speed differences.

Although GRJ's answer is not "Long-winded", it answers your question in a Nut Shell.  GRJ always comes from a reference of Vast Knowledge of our Hobby.

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