I haven't been around for a while. Been busy with things at work, but I'm curious if theres been any news on ED Golden or anyone else that was doing the conversations and if a suitable replacement source has been located to get the boards and electronics from?

Just thought I'd reach out here first to see if anyone knew.



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The Mini-2 was one of the boards that were being considered. The Cruise-Lite is also workable for many S applications, I have a couple of these ordered myself


I have a few of the Cruise Lite boards ordered, I do hope they're produced.  I also use the MC-II and the MC-ACC for projects, but I fear they're not going to make the cut.

Hi Snowmanw900,

Yes I am still doing TMCC conversions and in the middle of doing a very large A/F collection. Still have a limited supply from ERR. As mentioned 3rd rail is taking reservations but not sure if in fact he is making the Mini II or cruise lite. I know he said it will be determined by how many were ordered and I am led to believe he will be producing the Mini II.

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