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I have a Lionel Pacific TMCC that runs great until I run through my Ross switches. it either is shorting momentarily or momentarily loses power and the jumps forward. I have power and common through the switch and don’t see any dead spots. Tried to insulate area where wheels might pick up power and common, cleaned track, cleaned &plied pick up rollers. Just cannot figure it out. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Is it more than 1 switch with the problem ?

Assuming the engine has Odyssey. If you run it at the first speed step. Does it just stall out rather than stutter through the switch.

If yes. Can you give the type of switch. Some of the larger numbered switches at times do have dead spots and require some extra wiring with relays.

You stated TMCC Pacific. Is it just this one engine that has the problem ? Most TMCC engines only have 2 pickup rollers where the newer Legacy versions have 3.

How many power supplies on the layout. If using multiples. Are the Ross switches dividing the power districts or blocks ?

I'm going around and taking material off the center rail extension at the indicated spots, some locomotives have wider wheels or more side to side play, those can short to these points that come close to the outside rail.  I'm about halfway through my layout cleaning up stuff like this, I'm hoping I can finally get the last few problem locomotives through all the switches.

Ross Switch Shorting Point

If you're not experiencing this issue, then you may be experiencing what Dave is talking about.  I'm building some relay boards to fix that problem as well, I found the DZ-1008 wasn't doing the whole job of powering the dead rails.

Replacement for DZ-1008 Relay for Ross Switch Powered Rails


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  • Ross Switch Shorting Point

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