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I have a pair of Lionel TMCC F3 diesels - one power F3 A unit and one powered B unit where both will program and run separately but will not run as a lashup. Legacy controller says the lashup is created but it will not respond. Any thoughts or ideas to get them going would be appreciated.

Jim S.

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banjoflyer posted:

You don't have to have all your train consists numbered differently. For example you could have 20 combinations all numbered as "TR7". You just couldn't have two  of the TR7 combinations on the track at the same time or they would both respond to commands.


Banjoflyer that is excellent information to overcome the TMCC TR1-TR9 limitation! You can do the duplication with trains you'd not run at the same time like the 20th Century Limited and the Coast Daylight, etc. I like it!!

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Laidoffsick posted:

I think the OP solved the issue already by using a number between 1 and 9 for his assignment. Even if you're using the Legacy remote and your engines are TMCC, you have to use 1-9. I tried the same thing with my Sunset SD7s with ERR. Using TR53 would not work, TR5 worked just dandy.

I had this exact same problem today.  I only have 1 TMCC.  Everything else is Legacy. I remember reading the TMCC had to be first but couldn't figure out why it wouldn't lash up.  Never knew about the 1-9.  Learn something new everyday here.


In doing a Search I just came across this 'dated' thread but I'd like to add one simple point (to what's already been said) in the hope that it will hopefully spare any future inquirer the consternation which I recently experienced.

When assigning a TRAIN number (between 1 and 9) to a TMCC equipped engine  be sure to PUNCH IN 0 BEFORE the other single digit # you select.  Once the Lash-Up has been set you only have to punch in the single digit (without the 0) whenever you run the TRAIN.

@Ron H posted:

Freight train,

Here is what I do. Since I'm running a powered or unpowered A or B units as one unit, I assign all the locos in the consists one number and voila, they all run as one unit.

Try it, you'll be glad you did. Works perfectly.

Sorry for going off topic, but wanted to ask Ron "if those heavyweights are customized Lionel units from the Vanderbilt release?"


Ron H - Just for clarification, as has been pointed out many times in different Posts on this Forum, one key objective to creating a TRAIN is having the headlights and electro-couplers work prototypically on the LEAD and REAR engines in the multiple unit consist (aka Lash-Up).  That being said, if someone mainly runs in forward primarily and seldom picks up or drops off cars on his/her layout, this benefit is negated.

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