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I thought that I would enjoy running multiple isolated loops of trains with my Legacy command control but I do have unwanted issues. My 13 x 14 layout is O tubular powered by ZWL.  Accessories, lights, etc are run off of PW ZW.

Sometimes the "wrong" train will speed up, slow down, uncouple when I'm sending a command to a different track/engine or more especially when activating the whistle control. This happens with both my Legacy and my TMCC locomotives.

With conventional all I did was set the transformer power and enjoyed the trains, but with command control it seems that I have to constantly be watching for hiccups.

I understand now why so many operators only have one mainline. Makes it much easier and enjoyable. Either I need to run only one mainline or go back to conventional operation. It's not much fun chasing hiccups when running trains.

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I have 4 loops of track. Each loop is powered by one of the 4 outputs from ZWL with 12 gauge wire.  I have essentially 4 bus bars of power, one for each loop, with multiple feeders going to each loop of track. I address the track and then address the engine ID.  Most of the time I run a mixture of Conventional and Command locomotives. Today I was running a conventional Williams ALCO and Lionel's Spirit of the Century Train (TMCC) at the same time on two separate loops (I did not run anything today on the other two loops) and it just seems like one or the other was always picking up speed. At one point the Spirit of the Century Train uncoupled. These things seem to happen when I attempt to activate the whistle control on either locomotive. This has happened previously with other conventional/command locomotive combinations I try to run. I know that sometimes I have entered the wrong ID numbers but that's not always the case. I don't seem to have this problem if I run all command locomotives or all conventional locomotives, just when I have a combination with at least one command and one conventional locomotive, each running on its own separate loop. Apparently I am doing something wrong.

You seem to be running TMCC and Conventional on different loops.  The loop with TMCC is running on fixed voltage (16ish volts). The conventional is running off variable track power. Maybe it could be that the power from the conventional loop is bridging to the TMCC loop.  I am not sure what that could cause when changing power (speed) to the conventional loop.  Other  members here might comment if this is a possibility.

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