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For some time now I have been hovering at the ten engine limit that MTH originally set in the DCS units for TMCC equipped engines.  I recently upgraded both of my TIUs and my handheld to 6.01.  I have searched the internet over for this answer and have not come to a clear conclusion.  Is it possible to add more than ten TMCC/ Legacy equipped engines to the DCS Remote?  What about in the WiFi app?  When the wifi units came out I only bought one, so until the new versions hit the shelves I am limited on where I can operate my Protosound 2/3 equipped units.  I have more Protosound equipped engines than TMCC.  I have wanted to use Electric Railroad products to add some realism and variety to the layout.  I do have a DCS wifi companion 2nd edition, couldn't find anything else on this topic there.  Does anyone have an answer to this?

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You can add more than 10 TMCC/legacy engines to DCS.

I have several operating cars converted to TMCC using the mini commander, as well as legacy engines loaded in my DCS remote. Over ten.

I believe for TMCC/legacy lash-up, ID's 90-99 are used in DCS. I may be mistaken here, I'm just getting in to legacy lash-up, and haven't added any in DCS yet.

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