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Dave in Surprise posted:

John, Dale conducted Beta testing at the P & P club in Scottsdale, AZ.  I believe our club would be very willing to assist you in your work.  You have Ron Smith, our club VP's contact information.  We have several units on order with you.


Thanks,  Dave

Dave, do you live in Surprise, AZ ? If so, please contact me thru my email listed in my profile.

Gun Runner

I have been out of the OGR Forum loop for a long while with health issues and did not know of Dale's passing. I commend you for producing the DM Booster and donating a portion of funds to Dale's Legacy.  Although I do not need a Booster I wish to contribute to Dale's Legacy fund. If its okay I will send you a check for my anonymous contribution to the $ pool that you send to his family.  



gunrunnerjohn posted:

We actually added in the ability to directly monitor the track signal for the TMCC Buffer, and there are also "signal quality" LED's to indicate the gross quality of the input command base signal.

I think I will go ahead and just use mine for these features alone.   This does sound like a very interesting device!!

(Also, hoping you do still have me on the list of purchasers, if not please add me!) 

I hope all is going well with the move, sounds like you are getting close if you are down to the shop and parts. I'm sure you will be glad when it's all over and you get set up again in the new place! Then you have to sit back and take it all in for a while, admiring the new location while enjoying some favorite adult beverages!!    I was just wanting to make sure I was on the list, which I think I was.  

Well, the light just went out in the tunnel!   Turns out we're having a major snowstorm on Wed, so we've changed the move to Friday, hopefully things will be cleaned up by then!  I'm really getting SICK of winter, did I mention that?  It's spring, and I'm looking for that groundhog, he's a goner if I get him in my sights!

Dave, I moved all my tools and trains several months ago, however that's somewhat complicated things as I'm now split between two locations.  The only good thing is, when power was out for three days at my old house, we came over to the new one and had heat, power, TV, and Internet.

John, Snowstorms are a big part of why I now live in Phoenix, I spent the last winter we lived in Eastern Washington State, hugging the pellet stove. My son videocalled Christmas morning in his tank top and swim suit next to the pool, and rubbed it in. Add in the only grandkids and we moved that fall. I lived in snow country for 55 years and decided it wasn't worth the arthritic misery to see the snow, now I drive 3 hours to Flagstaff and get all of it I want and then come home.

Once you actually pass the old house off to its new owner, it begins to get better, and all the effort goes into the home your in. I had 9 months before actually got started on my layout, but in the summer heat, got tons done under A/C and now have a 80% done layout 3 years later. Trains were running within a month of starting, so at least I got to hear clickity clack as toiled along.



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Ron S,

   Congrats on your move to AZ, fantastic place to live.  Your FasTrack multi level layout looks fantastic also!  Recently moved myself and am loving our new place.  Have the new Train room just under half built.  

John did his move in a decent manner, ours was done correctly, however in a little quicker manner.  I agree with Guns, want winter to end, need to work on the old house and get rid of it.  Need some decent weather, the snow and cold are hindering everything.  Long cold winter here when I wanted at least a normal one, just after the move.



Dave, Mom was from Meadville, I stopped in several times during the winter to see Aunts/Uncles and cousins, the humidity and length of your winters always reinforced why I was glad my stints back east were over. I do miss having a basement but have overcome that shortcoming with a loft.

I went with Fastrack because I have 27 switches and like how they perform. I spent the 9 months before started refiguring the layout in RR Track until felt had it close. Once I started, the number of switches reduced from 36 to 27 and one loop lost its siding so landscaping could be added in the future. I keep looking at the boxes of trees, groundcover and details and know when summers heat blazes, I need to begin beautifying the area.

I was well on my way when grandkids began popping out, so it took me 3 years to get this far.


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