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With the new release of the PRR S1 coming out, I wanted to know what people thought of the original release.  How well did it work? Do you like it? I do not see many for sale so I assume people are happy with it. How well does it run on 072? Does it really want larger curves?


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I can't speak directly to the Lionel model but I re-wicked the smoke unit on a MTH Premier PRR S1 for a friend and it ran around on my layout with 072 tubular curves just fine. I would assume the Lionel model would do the same. It will for sure not work on anything less than 072. Because it is not articulated it also had more overhang on 072 than my Premier SP AC6 Cab Forward, for what it's worth. 

I’ve had one of the TMCC S1’s (6-38024) since it came out around 2003. It has minimal run time since I didn’t have a layout until 2016, but I did run it on my annual Christmas carpet central for years before the layout had a complete loop. It was a good runner, and looks great. It is massive, but ran fine on O-72 Fastrack. I’ve had it on display in my living room for the last 15 years or so.



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