some of my older TMCC locos have a background static noise when idling. is this typical , is there a way to reduce it or is there something wrong with it.  Rick


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If you mean the static sounds, it's normal.  The audio has gotten a lot better over the years.  There's no way that I know of to eliminate it.

Rick, This is problem in many of the RS4 boards. Swapping it out for an RS5 board may help although most all of them are engine specific. If whistle and chuff or prime mover are more important than crew talk than it may be worth swapping boards assuming you know of an RS5 board that sounds better to you. Also if the speaker is one of those flat cheap ones used by K-Line or early Lionel putting in a Fatboy or baby Fatboy may help as the frequency response of those tends to emphasize the lower frequencies vs the higher ones.

I have a few you can try.


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