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Has anyone had a problem getting this to work. I programmed all 4 units units as TMMC & built the lash-up. Remote said train created, ready to run, but when I hit the TR button, nothing happens. No lights, sounds or anything. I tested each unit separately & they ran fine. Need help or suggestion. Maybe I'm doing something wrong as I tried it several times with same results. Built several diesel trains with Legacy & had no problem. Would think it would be exactly the same other than programming each engine as TMMC vs. Legacy. When building lash up with TMMC, should there be a horn blowing or something because I'm not getting any sounds even though it says train created & ready to run.  Very frustrating. Lionel is telling me this can be done & sent me a E-Mail telling me what to do & did exactly that, but no success. Must be missing something that I don't see.

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Thanks, remember, I am using the Cab 2. Lash-up is not prat of another lash-up. This is my buddies & he has no trains created & would not know how to do it as he is relatively new to using a remote so I am trying to set it us for him. Like I mentioned, I don several lash-ups with Legacy engines & never had a problem, but never did one with TMMC engines. I'm really puzzled & frustrated with this one as it should work & Lionel is telling me it should work. Can't figure out if I've missed a step somewhere as remote says train created & ready to run, but nothing. Don't know who else to talk to. Even Ryan Kunkle told me it should work, but he has no engines there to test it himself, so I'm screwed in that respect.

I did what RoyBoy (RadioRoy) did and programmed all the locomotives with the same ID number. This was the only way to get a tmcc lashup to work for me on a cab2.

The simple solutions are always the best - except that in this situation, if the addresses are all the same (A) your trailing unit might not have the correct lighting for the MU, and (B), more importantly, if powered it may pull in the wrong direction!

I think that is what I will end up doing. Program them all the same number. The 2nd power unit is a "B" unit so there wouldn't be a problem with it going the wrong direction. Strange though that Lionel would tell me the lash-up should work. Glad I'm not the only one that can't get this to work. Thanks for all the help/comments.     

The correct resolution here is that (TMCC) train numbers can only be 1-9. The units themselves can be double digits, but the lash-up ID itself must be a single digit. Directional lighting won't function correctly if you give them the same ID.

Example with my TMCC Santa Fe ABBA F3s - unique IDs are 20, 21, 22, 23

TR 1 (build) - add 20, 21, 22, 23 ( reverse the DIR on 23), hit build. Lights should flash and a horn sound. Address TR1 and start it up and this should work for you.

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@LIONEL, Simply give each of your units an ID#, and do them with the cab2 and do all of the TMCC functions, then, using your Cab2 remote make certain there are no other engines with those ID#’s, then do as @BNSF-MATT suggests. and you will be successful. Now, I’m not sure anyone notices that the Cab1L actually gives one great control of their trains, actually allows for slower starts and consistent running. Happy Railroading Everyone

So it sounds like if I use a number higher than 9 for the TR, it will not work. The remote said lash-up successful & ready to run but no light flashing or horn blowing. Will try with TR between 1 & 9. This is for my buddy, but I have a B & O like Larry & would like to make a lash-up for that one. Will update my results after I try changing the number. Thanks everyone. 

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