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I recently picked up a Lionel 259e and a set of 607 passenger cars off of ebay. They were in pretty rough shape. Since the locomotive was in a sad state, I decided to go ahead and repaint it. I disassembled the passenger cars to clean them and I can not decide if I should paint them. I have attached pictures of a few parts so you guys can get an idea of what condition they are in, and I welcome any opinions about repainting the cars. It is worth mentioning that the cars are not in original condition. Someone bolted postwar trucks on them a long time ago. If I go through with the repaint, I will paint the car sides and frames grey, with royal blue roofs, and almond window inserts (the grey and blue will match the locomotive).

Thanks in advance!



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  • 259_before: 259e as purchased
  • 259_after: 259e repaint
  • 607_as_is: 607 current state
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Done! Sort of...

I think I am happy with the paint job, I just finished assembling the cars this evening ( I need to go back and fold over a few more tabs, oops). I was waiting on some decals I ordered for the cars. When I took the cars apart, I removed what was left of the interior lighting and I haven't reinstalled it yet. Once again, I'm going to solicit your opinions. I'm thinking of lighting the cars with LED strip lights inside the car roofs. What do you guys/gals think? I'm sure that I could make the old bulbs work again, but I like the idea of building some bridge rectifiers with added capacitance to get nice, smooth lighting from the one pick up roller that each passenger car has.



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