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For 10 years I have been looking for an American Flyer passenger cars for my MTH Wabash Brass Piper (4694). These were shipped with passenger sounds, but MTH didn’t offer any matching passenger cars.

Last week I had some success with the MTH auction


12B6EBF9-D8B9-4A8A-8B31-379E275B3A42So these do not have paint and I could paint them in Wabash AF Blue or I could clean them up and leave them their natural metal color.

What do you think paint or no paint?

Scott Smith


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  • 12B6EBF9-D8B9-4A8A-8B31-379E275B3A42
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They are in such beautiful shape.  I would buy some beaters and paint them.  I doubt you will find any like that again.  Did MTH market them this way?

Northwoods Flyer

They were unpainted samples before the cars went into production. I paid $96.00 each for these. I bought 3 300 series cars for around $40.00 each. These will be Polar Express cars when I am done.


The real bargain was a 4 car 400 series set for $200.00.


At this point I have yet to decide what to do with the 400 series cars. I would like to paint them Tuscan red and run with my N&W 400e. However if this purchase doesn’t work out with my wife. She doesn’t know about these right now.  I will have to sell these to recover what I have spent on the other 2 set. Looking at what repaints go for on these cars I should be able to get 600.00 plus if I have to sell them. I didn’t expect to win these this cheaply. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I get to hold onto these.

Scott Smith


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@Mallard4468 posted:

Great catch at the auction.

The only downside to painting them, IMO, is that if you do, they will match only one of those engines.  If you leave them as they are (maybe with a clear coat), then can run with anything.

Since several manufacturers made the 1134's  (Dorfan, Ives and Flyer) I purchased an Ives tender at the MTH parts booth years ago. I can run it with Ives passenger cars. So the priority is the blue Wabash.

Scott Smith

I'd paint in a color that could run with multiple locos. For the Wabash, probably stuck with black, I think Pullman green would clash,

Nice cars, I got a 3 car set of preproduction Ives 189 series cars in an Olive color, roofs were not attached, one truck came apart, some issues with steps hitting trucks. But still a very nice set. All this stuff was preproduction samples, either mechanical (like these) or paint samples (which came second). MTH guys inspect, send China the feedback and on to the next step.


Scott I think I would clean them good and clear coat them to protect them. I thought I read where you LHS (Jim) advised against painting. I would listen to him as he has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. You have a very unique one of a kind set that you can document came from MTH. Just worth thinking about besides the look good behind all the locomotives you demo as is. Just MHO!

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