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12 vdc circuit 4 leads (one per floor) and 1 common ground.  Input voltage from 12 vdc laptop power source.  Each floor is split in 2.  Total of 8 sections.  With 12 vdc and also a different variable voltage (8.5-12.5) source results in same.  It is sporadic and flickers in sections.  One section at a time.  Flickers about 5%of the time.   The effected section dims or flickers.  Even with only 1 of the floors connected.

Todd makes his building cores and floors with cardboard or similar material.  Can’t really see where wires terminate.  I have seen GRG mention filters.  I am asking for insight or suggestions before the exacto comes out.  

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@Pingman posted:

@Bryant Dunivan 111417  have you asked the vendor?

That is the funniest one yet.  I called Doug a few times.  If you know him, you will know that a response can be a long time in coming.  I figured others here have experience with his inards in his buildings or knew the principles enough to tell me how to filter it out.  I think its spikes/surges, not bad connections.

A thought I had doing a little more research.  I am running 24 gauge about 15 feet 12 vdc.  On the building there has to be at least 8 strips or groups based on four wires that are clearly split in 2 each for each floor.  Seems like one section pr half floor goes dim, flickers or goes out.  Never 2 sections at the same time.  It can happen in any section, but not the entire structure.    How about voltage drop.  I think I will run a 18 gauge temporary feeder to the distribution box.  The wires on the structure which are pretty thick are connected directly to the box.  The building wire thickness might be my first clue.   If I need to rewire, then only one pair from sourse to the dsistribution box input.  I will do it later tonight or tomorrow.  I will report.  Hopefully on the right track.  Open to comments or input. 

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