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D0580BB9-0158-479C-B7F3-EE5D8B75ABC0Ok as most know I’m a big Piggyback  Fan. So let’s see your Piggyback and Container Rolling Stock or Equipment. All is welcome any years and scale so let’s go. I’ll start us off with my first O Scale  TOFC purchase of the Lionel PS-4 Flatcar with 2 trailers. I’m dedicating this thread to Paul2 who loved the Weaver TOFC.


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  • D0580BB9-0158-479C-B7F3-EE5D8B75ABC0
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Tuesday is getting crowded - Tail End Tuesday, Tall Building Tuesday, now TOFC Tuesday. Ok, I’m in.

Here’s my Lionel Traditional size WM flat w/ pup trailers. This car was part of the WM FF set. All these trailers have a stabilizing gizmo, from eBay, on either end to keep the vans from kneeling, or worse, launching themselves off their trailers.



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