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decided to do this, simple for anyone. I had an 18" hollow core door here, cut it to fit. Now to get it to stay.


I edged it longway with 1 x 4, then screwed a 1 x4 on each side of the span to the existing platform. It was just long enough to fit between the edging boards on each it would stay in place and I could easily lift it out.


Then, I decided to screw another 1 x 4 to the existing edging on each side,but have it run back on one of the existing platforms a for about 20". I then placed a long screw near the upper corner of each of those new side boards, into the existing platform. The long screw on each side now acts as a "hinge" or pivot point for the longer side trim boards on the lift out.


So, the lift out has now become a "hinge out" and is kept from going back too far (I know it is not elegant, but this is a temporary Christmas layout) with some chain I had. No it is not painted brown, it is rusty.


It was easy, but the whole deal, from start to finish, including fitting the Realtrax to hinge out, took way longer than I wanted it to. The Realtrax is a matter for another day....what a joke.


Not quite sure what scenery I will have on the lift out, but it will have to be screwed down on the snow batt.


Thought someone might be able to take advantage of this. Greg



Liftout in place


Now up:

Liftout Up


Now down:

 Liftout Down


Screw for pivot:


Liftout hinge screw


Images (4)
  • Liftout in place
  • Liftout Up
  • Liftout Down
  • Liftout hinge screw
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