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Fountaine Fox's Toonerville Trolley ran as a cartoon strip from 1910-1955 , millions of readers spanning several generations...inspiring films in animation and live actors , games , a stamp and dozens of toys were marketed over the years capturing the iconic hand-me-down trolley .
The mythic town of Toonerville filled with the world's castoffs watched the modern world abandon it when the power was cut from the trolley line
A clever scratch builder from the late 1920's used a Lionel electric engine #248 chassis as motive power and created the fanciful trolley above in tin and brass.
Running on Flexitrack... introduced in 1938 as a novelty for young empire builders ...Flexitrack can be quickly moved left & right ...and back again ...but also up and down .. perfect for really bad terrain ...real or fabricated .
Please see link for action video of the Toonerville Trolley

Cheers Carey IMG_20220918_095314212IMG_20220918_095724977_HDRScreenshot_20220918-142812~2Screenshot_20220918-143421~2Screenshot_20220918-142949~2Screenshot_20220918-143032~2


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