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Years ago there was a person at the DuPage show that offered rechroming services. He had a rechromed 356 Silver Bullet as a display piece. I think he was actually having vacuum metalizing done rather than rechroming on the plastic shell. The engine looked far better than anything that ever came out of the Gilbert factory. The cost was a major barrier.

There are firms that will do rechroming of plastic toys but from the costs I have seen it would be cheaper to buy like new originals of these cars.

I'd strip and paint silver too   Not only what Gilbert did, but Doug Peck has an exact match silver and appropriate lettering.  

Then, there's another route:  I found a bunch of cars that were in MUCH worse shape and beyond salvaging.  So I completely stripped them and painted them to match the Lionel Flyer EP-5 in MR colors.  Blasphemy?  You didn't see these cars "before!":

And for variety, two of the more recently released cars, again repainted to match.:

For me the bottom line is if the item is in great shape, I clean and conserve.  It it's too far gone, it's fair game for repaint (new releases are fair game).  That makes all the difference.  Would I repaint a well preserved Gilbert item?  No.  Would I repaint or bash a common, scraped, dented, worn or basically junk item?  Most certainly.


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