TPC 400 & 2-Lionel 180 Powerhouses

I recently hooked up through my TPC 400 2-Lionel 180 powerhouses.  My layout is not that big but I struggle to get more then 16 volts of power on the track.  I realize that I now have 20 amps, but where is my voltage hiding.  I am getting 17.6 out of the cord on both powerhouses.  I would think that I should be getting closer to 17 on the track.  Connections are good all around the track.... Puzzled ?

Any ideas here.... Oh one more thing I am using a hefty 14ga wire, as the instructions on the TPC 400 suggest.   Thanks in advance.

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On page 11 of the TPC manual is the section on setting power to the track.  Have you done this?  How do you know what voltage you are setting (at the time you set it)? 


If you are not setting it to a specific value, maybe the TPC is defaulting to 16V?



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Hi George, thanks for the quick replies. Yeah, I tried that. I cranked the wheel all the way up clockwise and the max voltage is 16.3v. So, I decided to test the power coming into the TPC 400 with my multimeter,from my 2 power block 180's. My mulitmeter says is 17.3v each.  I then tested the wires coming out of the TPC and they are 16.3v before it even goes into the legacy base and the track. Once it hits the track it is still at 16.3. I also thought that my mulitmeter could be faulty. I don't have another one on hand, so tested that by using a command control crane car that needs high voltage to shoot out outriggers on the track. Outriggers would not all shoot out upon command, just a couple on each side, even on test track. I figure the voltage must be under 18v then. Can someone test the voltage going into the TPC 400 and coming out of it, and let me know what it should be? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

If the TPC works other than the small voltage drop, I'd say it's working normally.  The reason for the aluminum case and large heatsink is to dissipate the heat generated by dropping that voltage at 20 amps!

You will have a voltage drop coming out of the TPC's. I have mine set to 16 volts on the track. Your voltage is plenty for the out riggers to work. The outrigger adjustment can be seen below on the last page.



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