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I obtained some Ross sectional curves (064) and Gargraves flex track. I am considering using Flexxbed under the track. I have some questions before I start my construction.

Will the 1/4 inch thick flexxbed curve around the 064 curves?  How wide is the flexxbed (classic style for 3-rail)?

What is best way to attach track to plywood with flexxbed if not ballasting?  I saw some Gargraves track clips but says for use with sectional track; I'm assuming these won't work on flex track, correct? Will the clips work with Ross curves?  Are there any clips that go over the ties that you could still screw down?

I tried to search on web, but no success on finding details.


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I use Flexxbed classic with Atlas track so I can answer a few of your questions.

1) Flexxbed classic is 3 inches wide at the base(bottom) and about 2.6 inches at the top.

2) It will easily bend to match O64 curves. Just put the flexxbed under the track and slide it to match the curve of the track.  I then just screw the track down through the pre-drilled holes in the ties.  Gargraves track is a little different than Atlas because it does not have pre-drilled holes. Here is a link to the Gargraves page (3rd question from top) that explains how to attach their track to your table.

I do not use glue to hold down the flexxbed because I am happy with the way it is secured by the track and screws. 

John, thanks for the info.  I was wondering about drilling pilot holes in ties; that seems to be the recommended approach.

One last question, did you use the 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch? I wanted to use 1/4 inch if this has reasonable sound absorption.

Atlas track, because it is solid and Ross and GarGraves are tubular, is inherently quieter than the other two.  Not sure how much the thickness of the Flextrak John used influenced the sound level on his layout, or how relevant use with Atlas track will be for Ross/GG with respect to sound level.




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