1.14.2020 -  Sold Items removed,  Prices reduced on remaining items:  

I'd prefer to deliver the following items to Trainstock 12 this coming weekend (1/18/20) in Paterson, NJ, or to the Big E show in Springfield MA on Saturday 1/25/20.

Wire,  2 new 100 foot unopened rolls of 14 gauge solid THHN wire, plus 2 partially used rolls of same, retails at HomeDepot for $20.00 per 100 foot roll, take all of it roughly 300 feet for $20.00.    $15.00 .....  Note I have had this wire for so long it was made in the USA...

DSC06769 [2)

8 Conductor,  16 Gauge USA Made Carol Cable. Each of the eight conductors is stranded  16 gauge, tinned wire,  Easily stripped to remove the color coded conductors if necessary   This cable is not shielded so you won't have to cut through braided or foil shielding.   50 Feet is sold and shipped,   50 feet left.      Price is $20 per 25 feet,  $40 for the 50 Feet. 

DSC03305DSC03308 [2)

Lionel Transformers:    All 3 transformers will need new power cords.  I did plug them all in today, and tested the output at all 4 (A,B,C,D) posts.   They all turn on and deliver variable voltage but should be gone through.  

Type Z:   250 Watt,   One of the 4 rheostat dials is loose,I think it was "C",  and should be looked at, but it does adjust the voltage.   $25.00   now   $20.00 at Trainstock or the Big E show.   Shipping is not available. 


Type V:  150 Watt,   Clean cover & faceplate ,   dials are really smooth,  $25.00     $20.00  at Trainstock or the Big E show.   Shipping is not available. 


Type V:  Clean Cover,  Dials work smoothly,  Missing bottom plate,  could be a good parts donor to fix the C control dial in the Type Z above,  or pick up a bottom plate used -    $15.00   ---  $10.00 at Trainstock or the Big E show.   Shipping is not available. 

DSC06791DSC06792 [2)

Lionel Grain Elevator Kit:  Includes all parts, for some reason one of the walls is molded in a slightly different color than the other walls ?  Won't matter if you plan to paint and weather it.   $30.00   NOW  $25.00 delivered at Trainfest or Big E show,   It's a large box and fairly heavy kit so shipping is not really cost effective.  


(2)  MTH Row houses,  used,  very light weathering applied.   $15.00    NOW  $10.00 for both delivered at Trainstock or Big E.... If you want these shipped it will cost extra


Lionel PW 260  Track Bumpers:    SOLD  


2283:  Modern Era reproductions of the the 260   -   SOLD 

Lionel Postwar  #90 push button controllers:   have 5,    SOLD   

Curtis/Ross 096 Curved Track:   16 pieces make a complete circle, there are 17 sections here, no rust, there are screw holes, track is in good condition, never ballasted or weathered.  always stored in dry basement, no mildew or mold smell.  There is an 18th piece with a 3/8 inch rust spot thrown in for free, can be cut into a 1/2 curve and 1/3 curve section to get around the one rust spot.     It's wrapped in plain white newsprint,  I inspected all of it, I didn't photograph all 18 sections.      17 sections x $3.00 =  $51.00 ,  now $45.00 for all 18 sections. (full circle plus 2) ,   at Trainstock or the Big E,   Shipping if required will be added. 


Ross:   3 x 072 sections,   3 x 088 sections,  1 x TR40 (spaces tracks coming off Ross Regular switch on 4 inch centers).  All pieces in very good to excellent condition.   $3.00 per piece  at Trainstock or the Big E,   Shipping if required will be added. 




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