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Two questions.  How are you going to access the middle or areas out of reach on a 21' x 8' layout?

Where is your list of desires and needs as to what and how you want to operate this layout, do you get tired of loop running, where is the list of routes and interconnections, do you want to reverse trains, do you want train storage tracks, how many operators will you have, will you have accessories, will you run conventional control or constant voltage on the track, and many more questions I missed?


I would have two levels with the standard gauge on the lower level and o gauge on the upper level. That would allow you to separate the gauges and allow for keeping things in perspective and give you some options on having reverse loops and sidings, etc. Also, whould break up having five loops of track.   Otherwise, please answer Charlie's questions, that would help others in providing you input.  Good luck!

As far as access, I have two openings at 7 ft and 14 ft that measure 25" x 25" each directly in the center of the layout.  I will be running in conventional. Would love to be able to fit a reversing loop in for a standard gauge trolley. As far as accessories, I have MTH big power house and some train stations and possibly place a couple Hells Gate Bridges. I am the only operator.  I have 3 Z4000 transformers.

Even if your layout is a true "island" with adequate space on all four sides for access, you are going to find that 4' reach to the center just a little bit to far for "comfortable" work.  And further, honestly, ducking under your layout to reach those narrow holes will eventually become way too difficult.  Have you given any consideration to other layout designs?  I am thinking about a huge "E" shape with a 3' wide long side, two 6.5' wide peninsulas at top and bottom of the E, and maybe a 5' wide peninsula in the center that you use for a yard and town setting.  With the 2 wider peninsulas, you would still be able to build with O72 track in at least one loop and also allow for plenty of industrial space or operating accessories.


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