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Looking to add more power to my layout track.ok I have the table wired so that I can split track power in half.i have two power bricks and only using one for whole table right now.i would like to add a second power supply for the second half of table.i also have err un everything with lionel legacy 990 and legacy powermaster.also if I wanted to add a legacy 993 to the legacy  system I have now.what would I need and how would I  do it.i would very much appreciate any information you could give me.thanks for your time.


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How about some more information? I.E. How big is your train table?  How many loops of track? What size wiring?

You say you have two power bricks? What Type?  If they are Lionel 180w bricks. One brick will power a decent sized layout. You may not need two power districts.

I have 1 Lionel brick powering my  whole 10'x16' layout without issue. a second brick is dedicated to accessories.

The 993 is just an additional Legacy remote with a charging station as a base. The 993 base does not send commands. Only 1 base is needed per layout and you have that with your 990.

The 993 handheld merely needs to be set to the same channel as your 990 base as well as have the same software and it will automatically display the engines you have loaded into the 990.

Engine information is actually stored in the 990 base, not in the handheld.

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