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The farm.  Excellent amount of critters on this convincing farm scene Randy.

2012 Richardsons Layout 071

A lake by the tracks.  And this SHIMMERING LAKE .........definitely is impressive.  Can feel a cool breeze coming across it.

Lake Small

The Coca Cola Company's yard switcher is being serviced.  Nice low level shot on this scene ....feel like I could walk across the tracks and ask the guys how their day is going .

Servicing a Diesel

Nice Randy.

Since Friday the 13th falls on Saturday this month, I thought I would celebrate Trackside Thursday today (If you understand that, I am worried about you)

A Lionel, Miller Beer, wood sided refrigerator car on a siding.


The night shift unloads lumber from a flat car.


A boxcar train passes the engine storage track on the freight main line



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@ScoutingDad posted:

OK Mark - you ought to know what's coming. Nice to see the B&O Blue on the "plywood railroad" (LOL)  it is complementary to the boxcar red of every other piece of rolling stock!  Lookin Good

😆😆😆 Jeff, I’ll have to get a photograph of some of the billboard reefers.  All yellow!  😄

Thank you very much on the B&O F3s!

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@lee drennen- Thanks for responding Lee, maybe we can keep the post alive even for just a few.  I know the spring/summer workload, luckily (?) for me it April / May is the rainy season here in central Texas so a lot of days the weather just does not cooperate with outside work.  I got a real smile out of your comment on ... "raising baby chicks".  I have no idea what that entails (I am a city boy I am afraid) but it just sounds like a real challenge.  Best Wishes


Thanks Don keep it going. I’ve raised baby chicks for about 27 years now every year. I went back to Hatching them out myself about 5 years. The outside work load starts around March and ends around Thanksgiving. After that all the wood is cut for the winter and the Farm is winterized.

Hello Trackside Thur is an interesting one for me...we heard Lee talk about "raising chicks" and I can only imagine the chaotic action involved there.  Well you all have heard the expression ..."herding cats" ...well today is an annual vet visit for my feline friends so if you were in central Texas today you could experience herding cats IRL .  However before I attempt that, I wanted to get a posting for TsT for you all.  These are some archive pictures along the main line of the Leonardtown and Savannah to kick things off.

Here in small town, some high flying NASA visitors have stopped by on their way "home" (Earth) at the McDonald's for lunch!

Astronaut Capsule at McD 2

Here my Wells - Brimtoy locomotives from the UK get ready to depart  with the Brimtoy signal box guarding the intersection protected by a Hornby double semaphore signal.  Oh yea, given all the UK folks here, the "Starbucks" truck in the back has switched from coffee to tea!!

Brimtoy Signal Box w locomotives

Here we see the Lionel #7601 SR caboose about the leave the yard.  We just missed the conductor running over to the Lionel News stand to get his paper.  It's 1957 and get a look at the BRAND NEW Chevy!

Lionel 17601 So Caboose and RR box

Here is the Marx RI Alco S-3 switcher from 1962 heading up a local freight on the main line just exiting the depot.

Marx RI S3 switcher and train layout picture

Well TsThur fans, hope you enjoyed the pictures. Best Wishes



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  • Astronaut Capsule at McD 2
  • Brimtoy Signal Box w locomotives
  • Lionel 17601 So Caboose and RR box
  • Marx RI S3 switcher and train layout picture

Hello Trackside Thursday fans, here are a few from the sidelines of the Lenardtown and Savannah for you to look at.  Hope you enjoy!

Best wishes Don

Alco S-2 Switcher 1

An Alco S-2 (by Kline) in Santa Fe livery takes a local passenger train through Small Town.

Cars at Diner

A few folks including someone who has purchased a brand new (1954) Corvette stop at the Diner for coffee.

EMD Switcher 2

The local freight moves away from the Savannah wharf  and the industrial section taking goods to the Small Town yard or up the line to Macon/Atlanta.  Train in charge of a Kline MP-15 in UP livery.


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  • Alco S-2 Switcher 1
  • Cars at Diner
  • EMD Switcher 2

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