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C.M McMahon posted:

Marty, it looks like your Illinois Terminal trailer. I am planning to do it as a B&LET trailer; as no one knows much about them except their length, (no pics exist) I have a certain amount of latitude in what I do.

Pretty sure those were produced or at least marketed by Car Works once upon a time.  I think have another one in the traction queue.....somewhere.  We should talk (e-mail) off line about this project a bit.  You can locate my contact info over on the OST web site.

Mike Slater posted:
mwb posted:

Picked this one up at the Indianapolis meet last week; could not resist.....


Almost bought it at the march meet, but was afraid I would ruing the epoxy resin body to repaint it into North Shore Line


I'm glad!   I'll have to totally disassemble it to strip it and start over on it, but the price was right. I'll also have to convert and insulate the drive. 

But since I'm trying to run a zero sum inventory, something has to go.......

We are in the process of "Two Railing" six Lionel M7 cars  Three driven and three dummies pick up on every wheel making our own dummy trucks got sick of running around the passenger cars at the end of each station decided to go to cheap? railcar sets cost is now out of control but it's fun. No photos yet but soon.

Is this traction or start another thread on strange railcars people build. Roo.























Adriatic posted:
mwb posted
..."also have to convert and insulate the drive" 


What's the mfg? And what kind of converting has to be done?

Q-Car drive - not insulated and set up for overhead wire power collection.  I don't have my overhead wire up so I prefer insulated drives so that I can actually run stuff instead of staring at it on a shelf.

scale rail posted:

My Steeple Cab kit is still selling. Fits Williams 44 ton. DonDSC_5894

That would be the Whitcomb engine vs the postwar 44 ton correct? (I think they make both)

  "Everything” is out of my price range anymore, but a goal is always a close second actually doing something today.   I'd like to at least know what to shoot for. If you could find time to fill me in, I'd love to learn more too (here or by email, listed)  I'm betting you recall my interest in it, but I don't think it was in kit form last I stumbled on a steeple thread some odd years ago.

MWB, I sorry I can't sell you one...unless you like traction. Oh, forgot you do!

Kit is ABS plastic parts. $140 with brass and metal detail parts. And yes, they are made to fit on the Williams 44 ton loco. If you mess up a part I will send a free replacement. 

They don't come with pantographs but I have a few Lionel or brass Japanese pans. $20


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