Approximately two years ago I purchased a Lionel 6-82293 Atlantic Coast Line Lioncheief Plus Diesel.   Now need to replace the traction tires.  The manual is of little help as does not instruct one how to take off side bars.  Have found nothing on youtube to help.  Can anyone help?  Really appreciate it.





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Looks like the siderame bolts on to the top of the truck, so you'll have to remove the motor and drop the truck if you want to take it off.


I ust be missing something in the description they have in the manual, because I don't see any way the side frames come off from the bottom!


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GunrunnerJohn  .....exactly.  The manual does not sync up at all with what one sees when examining the trucks.   Kind of exasperating.   Had to change one on a Polar Express engine and the manual said the bolt was 3/16" when it actually was metric.  Not impressed..... 

I am not versed on removing the motor and dropping the truck.   Any advice there.

Do appreciate the help ...... may take a shot at sending note to Lionel Service  



Well, dropping the truck will involve taking the shell off as the motor will be free once you remove the motor mount screw.  I confess I've not taken one of those apart yet, so I can't be more specific.

I don't have my LC+ diesel in front of me, but picturing other Lionel diesels, it seems like there should be enough room to slip the new tire onto the wheel without having to dismantle anything.  

Dan Padova


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Thanks Dan  Will certainly try it.  Have been researching other threads and someone recommended a dental pick.   Don't know that I have one of those in the house ...  

Have sent a note to Lionel just to see 1) if they respond and 2) if the response helps.    

Appreciate all the advice.

Here's a thread which shows how to change them if you have to do so without taking anything apart.   You don't have to make your own tool and just use dental picks.  There is a video as well.  It may be of help:



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I keep a variety of dental picks handy for use as “tire irons” these can be had for dirt cheap on that certain e favorite one is the hockey stick lookin one....I take apart as little as possible to swap tires.....get a set of picks and fiddle with’ll get a hang of it......PatDD95C8FD-1193-48A9-9395-F4FCD961DFC1

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