I just learned that our dear friend of many years, Barry Broskowitz, suddenly and tragically passed away today.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers and condolences.  He was such a wonderful human being and avid contributor to all of us.

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I'm praying for Cora and the rest of the family and friends.  I will certainly miss Barry!  I am glad I met him face to face at York!

Jim, Thank you for posting!  I see RJR also posted, but just titled it A Good Friend Passes.

Condolences to family and friends.  He certainly leaves a powerful and helpful legacy to the hobby and industry.  Hail and farewell.

So very sad. Barry was such a helpful person in our hobby. A huge loss. My condolences to Cora and the rest of Barry's family. 

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Jim Rawlings, thank you for informing us of Barry's tragic passing.  He is one man who made countless sacrifices to learn, improve upon, and educate us all on the MTH DCS system.  That devotion to the hobby has benefitted every single one of us. 

Whether you knew him or didn't know him, I can tell you that we all have lost a major contributor to our hobby. 

 Rest in peace Barry......

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Jim Rawlings, thank you for informing us of Barry's tragic passing!

Was really shocked to hear this have happen so suddenly has always been very helpful to any one with dcs questions and answers on forum or at York with meeting he has held!

will be sincerely missed 


Another sad loss for our hobby and in particular this forum.  I have always enjoyed reading and posting on this forum but as of late these sad farewells are beginning to take a toll on me.  I suppose with each farewell we are all coming to grips with our own mortality.  Rest in peace Barry.

Yes, this is very sad.  Barry was "the man" when it came to solving DCS issues.  I really appreciate his book and forum posts.  My condolences to his family and friends.

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Yes, Barry will be missed by all of us.   It is a hard thing to deal with.   I talked to him a few days ago and he was very happy.  I do not even know what to say.   Barry was a good friend to many of us.



I was very sorry to hear of Barry's passing. Thanks to my partner Jim Barrett for calling and telling me the news.

My condolences to Cora, a great lady for a great man in the hobby.

Ed Boyle

Barry was indeed "the man" when it came to DCS knowledge and helping others learn the system.

He will be missed. 

My condolences to Cora and the family.

If you had a DCS question of any kind, Barry took the time to reply with the correct answer. He did it for me numerous times. He will be missed for sure.

Very sad news.....Right now, I am in shock as this was totally unexpected.  Barry will certainly be missed in many ways....  Bless his sweet wife Cora and their entire family as they go down this sad journey....

My condolences to Barry's family and friends on this very sad news. I never met Barry but I greatly appreciated and respected his helpfulness and the vast knowledge that he shared with Forum members.


My condolences to his wife and family.

Barry will be missed by this family as well that depending on him to answer tough questions and keep others from wrong opinions of the way DCS operated. He resolved many many issues almost like a judge and he was a teacher too.  I purchased all of his books that went well beyond what was in the instruction manuals and on the forum. I met him at York a few years back while he was giving one of his DCS sessions.  He was an amazing guy.


Sorry to hear this.  He obviously expended a lot of time and energy to spread a greater understanding of some of the technical aspects of this hobby.  He will be missed.  Prayers for his family.

Words are so inadequate. He helped us all, always. We mourn the loss of a true friend and mentor. We pray for his family to help ease their grief.

My most sincere condolences to Barry's wife and family.  I only knew Barry through his posts here on the forum and although I don't use the DCS system it was apparent that his wealth of knowledge benefitted all who had need of his expertise.  He will be missed.

Very sorry to hear the news. Barry was such a reachable resource for the hobby. Great books and postings. Condolences to his family.


There are names in the hobby of people who are well known on this forum.  I did not know Barry, but certainly knew who he was.  Sad to loose fellow O Gaugers and knowledgeable sources of help.  Condolences to his family and close friends.

I have been busy posting the news of Barry's passing on other social media sites so am a bit late in getting to this thread. There's really not much I can say, but I have copied and pasted the text I posted on Dottie Perry's Facebook page:

"Sincere condolences to Cora and all Barry's family and friends from the entire staff of O Gauge Railroading magazine. Barry was a frequent and very important contributor to our OGR Online Forum, in particular, and his expertise there will be sorely missed. The books he published about the MTH DCS (Digital Control System) are invaluable resources, and I can honestly say that his comprehensive knowledge of that system is likely irreplaceable. The photo Dottie posted shows Barry examining copies of his popular seller: The DCS O Gauge Companion. Rest in peace, my friend!"

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Barry has been a mainstay on this forum for all of us since it started. His willingness to help all of us with our DCS questions was unmatched. My sincere sympathies to Cora and family. Our memories of him will be with us for the rest of our lives. RIP Barry. You will be missed.

Truly a shock to hear this.  I have all of Barry's books and enjoyed reading his posts.  You just had to post a question and he was right there with a response.  Our Guardian Angel of DCS,  He will be missed by all.  Rest in Peace Barry.

Very sad news.   Barry was always willing to share his vast knowledge to toy train electronics, particularly the MTH DCS System.   His York DCS User Group Meetings were a great help to me and to many others.   

May you rest in peace.  


Oh my goodness.    Barry was a fine man.   I only knew him thru the forum, yet he was always generous and courteous with his desire to help.

My sincere condolences to his family, friends, and all who knew him.

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