I don't use DCS, but as a regular here it was apparent that Barry was one of those rare forum participants who was "in the business" of model trains with his book sales, but who nevertheless was extraordinarily generous in sharing his knowledge here with anyone who needed it.

Prayers and condolences to his family and many friends.



When Barry had his event at York some time ago(I cant remember when it was}  I m might have been TCA President then, 2011-12.  I decide that since I lived in York and still do, tahat I would visit Barry while he was in the hospital.  I did not know him and don't use DCS.  I found him it be very engaging and really appreciated me stopping by as he knew no one in York.So sorry to hear that "it" finally got him.  My he RIP.


Paul Edgar

My condolences to Barry's friends and family on your loss.  As a avid DCS user his presence in this forum and the hobby will be sorely missed.   His sage advice and direct support removed frustrations and made model railroading more enjoyable for me.   I successfully upgraded my Allegheny from PS1 to PS3 with his help:




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My condolences to Barry's family and friends.  All are in my prayers and thoughts.  I had the honor of meeting Barry once at York on one of the OGR "field trips".  I was just getting my feet wet in DCS and asked him a few questions about the system.  He phrased his answers in such a way that this DCS amateur understood and has had minimal problems afterward.  I also have both books and he wrote them in the same manner.

While he will be missed, he will not be forgotten. Requiescat in pace, Barry, and God Bless!

Bill TCA #03-55791

Wow! I just saw this post. My condolences to Barry's family. I have his "companion" books and indeed they are a companion for me who is not savvy with the tech stuff. Barry was a major contributor on the forum with much helpful information. I never met him personally but he seemed to always be ready to offer help to everyone.  Thank you Barry for your invaluable knowledge. Rest in peace.

Very sorry to hear this. Bought the 3rd edition of Barry''s book last year to assist my entry into DCS. His contributions and knowledge will continue to assist our hobby for a long time to come.  My condolences to all his family and friends. Rest in peace. BigRail

Jim Rawlings posted:

I just learned that our dear friend of many years, Barry Broskowitz, suddenly and tragically passed away today.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers and condolences.  He was such a wonderful human being and avid contributor to all of us.

What a terrible loss!! My best wishes to his family. May he RIP!

Lou Glatzer,

NMRA N. Michigan Model RR Club

May he rest in piece for sure and my deepest condolences to his family for their loss. He was the greatest asset pertaining to DCS and he will be greatly missed.

He sold me an MTH Hudson just a few months back. I don't think I will ever part with the engine now.

God Speed Barry!!

Thank you for everything you have given me and this hobby.

Daniel Gonzalez

My condolences to Barry's family.

I started in O-Gauge with MTH DCS, and Barry was always there to help. I met him at York a few years back, and when in person his help was sprinkled with a smile. A loss for the hobby -  an honor to have met  him.


Happy O-Gauge Railroading!

  Alexander Müller

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I wanted to tell a quick story. We went to the NJHR's club for Trainstock #3. There were so many familiar faces there that I wished to talk with. I saw Barry and said hello. I believe I also thanked him many times for all his help. The crowd was filling in and we sat right next to each other with our women by our sides. We didn't speak a lot more as we ate. There was just some type of connection. I believe he knew how much I respected him and it felt like he was always part of the family. So I was thankful just to sit there nearby and watch many new comers say hello to him and Cora as they filed in. I didn't wish to bug him with more stories or questions as I knew there would be more time for that later back on the forum.

 From then on I felt closer to him and relied on his advise on issues. I purchased some things directly from him and always got a great deal. I just played my basement sound system and even a preamp in that, came from him. I have many things around the house that will keep his memory close by. I see his face on the MTH headings posts and know just how much we lost. I can't act like I'm part of his family in any way. I can say it felt like he was part of mine though, in the limited times we spoke.

 I hope I said this well enough to convey how much he meant to me and again, just how much I respected his advise.

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

This is a very tragic loss to all of us in this hobby. Barry's books are a wonderful resource for me when I'm working with DCS. Not to mention the many times he was quick to help me on the DCS pages.

Barry will be truly missed an my prayers go out for his family and friends. Rest in Peace buddy.


Mario Evangelista 

sad to hear of his passing my condolences to all of his family. I never met Barry nor chatted with him only knew of him from the DCS books he wrote and the help he graciously provided to all who asked on the forum. I am sure he has pulled up a cloud and is chatting with all the other train members we have lost and are at this moment designing a layout limitless of needed space and is starting a new book on a cloud based DCS system.

rest in peace Barry I will miss your presence on the forum.


So sad to hear. He has answered many questions on the forum for me. He help me a lot when I converted over to DCS. Bought his book which had a lot of valuable information in it. Great loss to the hobby. He will be missed. My condolences go out to his family.

Wow, soooo sorry to hear of his passing.  Even though I never met him I am familiar with him thru this site and his dealings with model railroading.  I hope he has a great journey into his next life.   You always have to live life like it's your last day everyday.


WftTrains posted:

Following is a link to Barry’s obituary which includes the details on his memorial service to be held this Friday:


I plan to attend.


I attended Barry’s memorial service this morning.  It was a nice service with about 30 people attending.  Attached is a scan of the booklet handed out to attendees.

Note the suggestion for contributions to the humane society as Barry and Cora were supporters of that organization and had adopted rescue dogs.



Very sad to hear about the loss of Barry Broskowitz,I know that I and everyone else on this forum will always be indebted to Barry's contributions to the hobby of model railroading and for helping everyone with the MTH DCS system.Peace be with his family at this time.

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