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Hey all! I do display and run trains. I found a great way to knock off the dust by taking a GG1 and one of my 700e(s) and juggle them in front of my dog (yes, for her) who is blind in one eye and cannot see out the other...then I move in to my K Line cabeese, and loop de loop juggling. I almost posted an accompanying video  but last night the 700e landed on my nose...prompting Mrs Red Jimmy (ICU nurse) to admonish me.

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Thx Mr Rusty attempt at humor on a drizzly Sunday ...I guess fell flat. Won't give up my day Shoulda posted a picture of my nose...its not quite Jimmy Durante size..

When I read it yesterday, I was certain you were kidding and was going to suggest running your trains through the dishwasher as an alternative. But, after typing it I figured sure as heck, someone would think I was serious and the flaming would begin. 😵

The issue on most forums is the one dimensional nature of the commutation. In the absence of emoticons, many can’t grasp the humor or sarcasm.  For that matter, even WITH the emoticons, many can’t grasp the sarcasm or humor...😏


It would be easier to tie a heavy string around the coupler, then swing them overhead like a lariat...  Yee-Ha!  Ride-em chooch-boy!


When my dog was un-well the vet did something similar - tied a rope around a cat's tail and swung the poor thing around my dog.

The bill was $465.

$65 for the exam and $400 for the cat scan.


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