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The Virginia Train Collectors are having a 2 day train show in Midlothian, Virginia, a western suburb of Richmond, just south of the James River.

Bob Buehler, Eastern Division TCA, Vice President and current President of the VTC asked me to announce the show because it will feature all the layouts of the River City 3 Railers, our local O Gauge modular club.

The show is in the Westchester Commons Shopping Center with is off Rte 288 (an expressway) and Rte 60.

Here is the announcement brochure:


The Westchester Commons shopping center is easy to is at intersection of Rte 288 and Rte 60.

288 is basically a 4 lane high speed corridor that connects I-64 west of the city to I-95 south of the city. It is a straightforward route from Northern Virginia and Maryland, Tidewater, Western Virginia and the Valley and Southern Virginia and North Carolina.

Here are some maps......The show is located in a storefront between Target and the Dollar Store.


This is a 2 day show that starts at 10 gives those who have to train some extra time to get there.



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So how will the layouts be presented?

The modular group is in an adjacent storefront and access will be unlimited.

Here are pictures  of the area where the train show will be held looking into where the layouts are......

This is the rear of the Train Show Hall:


This is the view from the same spot, just with me turned 180 degrees......that is our large layout in 13x42' configuration. We are doing rebuild/refresh/repair chores and it will be decorated up for the train show.


This is the front of the Train Show Hall:


This picture is from the same spot with me again turned 180 degrees.... you can see our 12x15' layout as well as our 6x11' one.


We will have the 3 layouts operating continuously over the 2 days.....

Other layout views.....

The Main layout:


The 12x15 which we affectionately call "Menardsville".


The 6x11 Postwar style layout


We will be raffling this layout (drawing PM Sunday the 23rd) as a fund raiser. It will include an O27 starter set.


Another shot of the big layout.....


Come join us......2 hrs from DC and the Valley....2 hrs from Tidewater......3 hrs from Baltimore and Raleigh/Durham.

Masks will be required.

Lots of good eating places in the shopping center.

Looking forward to seeing many of you!



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Note the NEW TIMES:

9AM-4PM on Saturday May22.

9AM-3PM on Sunday May 23.

I am told as of Thursday the 21st, 67 tables of the 100 were sold......

Updated brochure.....


Hope to see many of you there....we (the River City 3 Railers) are very excited about showing our 3 layouts in operation......also, the large layout is completely decorated now!



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It’s Westchester Commons.......and, unfortunately neither Amtrak station is close. Staples Mill is about 16 miles and Main St Station is about 18 miles.

The Richmond & Danville, then Southern, now Norfolk Southern runs close. However the Southern RR discontinued passenger service to Midlothian circa 1956.....and, the station is long gone......

In the pre-Uber era, taxi from Staples Mills was about $35 (and, that’s long ago). I suspect Ubers would be more reasonable... but, I’ve never done it.


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This show is a sell out.....ALL VENDOR 100 TABLES ARE SOLD!!!!!!!!!!

The Virginia Train Collectors are going to put on a great show.....they have been working hard.....Bob Buehler, VTC President, is also Eastern Division TCA Vice President and Russell Youens, the Meet Chairman, is an Eastern Division Director  (and they are as excited about October, York as I am!!!!!).

Looking forward to seeing many of my train buds (and new ones) there......I am the President of the River City 3 Railers and I will be there both days from opening to closing walking around and helping out/backing-up our displays......when you see me, please introduce yourself....I'm easy to spot.......I won't be wearing my bow-tie.......but, just look for a dorky-looking guy with the nerd glasses.....that's me!

The shopping center has abut 15 restaurants (both sit down and fast food) and a Wawa. A Target and a Bank of America......lots of parking and easy access to all the major highways.

I will happily answer any questions......

We have been testing engines and setting them up in the are some pics:


Just a few of the many.....come on out!



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Set up started yesterday afternoon......and begins in earnest today when the rest of the tables get delivered.....


I'm just a helper and am excited to help......

Look at that arrow on the floor! What more could you want to make it feel like "old times"? I'm about ready to launch into a chorus of "Happy Days Are Here Again".

Is anyone making the trek? Who should I be on the look out for?



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Wow!  I am excited!  I have to take my wife to DC on Sunday and going up I95 from NC,  your show is only about a hour out of the way.  I have always appreciated how involved Peter and Gilly have been with posting photos of layout setups and shows.  

Peter, without all your postings showing up on the right side of the forum, I never would have looked for or known about this event.  Thanks for taking all the time.

I am really looking forward to seeing your layouts and hope to meet the two of you.

Hope to see you on Sunday,


I wish I could make it. I'd even swing in to see my aunt in Virginia Beach. No time unfortunately. I have tons of lawn to cut this weekend, some has not met the blades of the mower as yet, so you can imagine how bad it is. Belt broke last weekend making things all that much worse. Above the garden had started to get cut, but was only one pass. Good thing George the farmer came to do hay as he cut a good portion of it down. Still have some high areas closer to the house, but now more manageable.

Everyone going say hi to Peter, Gilly and the rest of the River City 3-Railers. 👍

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